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BB Gun & Paintball - Club 11


First regiment the king's own Bodyguard, 11th Infantry Regiment King' Bodyguard or called Rab 11 is a military camp open to the public for participating in various activities. One of them includes fighting game in form of a battle simulator.
 BB gun and Paintball in the camp offer various types of fighting include ATCS (Airsoft Tactical Combat Shooting) where BB gun is used while setting the timing, the one who completes the mission and make the least time will win, IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) or the battle focusing on the accuracy, heavy gun, and speed, CQB (Close Quarter Battle) or called CQC (Close Quarter Combat) where close battle simulator is created in various places like in a warehouse, a container, a car, a carton and etc. These places are fun for hiding and attacking, covering from the enemy and fighting in the middle of the forest where trees hide each player. This is why this activity is very challenging. Another area is for paintball in a form of gas balloon.
 The club also offers gun shooting training, ATV car, bike route, mountain bike race, car race, and radio-control boat.
How to play
BB Gun and paintball are similar; each player has to shoot one another. The difference is BB Gun aim will leave no color or mark, so the player has to be fair and leave the game when they are shot unless the rule says otherwise.
Safety Guideline
 When playing BB gun or paintball, though the gun is not dangerous, the accident can happen especially to the sensitive area of the body such as eyes. Therefore, before playing, each player must wear a mask to cover their eyes, face, ears and other parts of the body.
Club 11
Located at 11th Infantry Regiment King' Bodyguard camp, Phaholyothin, Vicotry Monument sub-district, BangkenBangkok 10220
For more information, please contact0 2972 8857, 08 5124 2486
Open hours: Monday to Friday from 09.00-19.00 and public holiday from 09.00 – 19.00
From the victory monument, take the highway 1(Paholyothin) on passing Chatuchak road, Central Plaza Ladprao and Kasetsart  University for 14 km. 11th Infantry Regiment King' Bodyguard camp is on your right and the 11 club is  inside the camp.