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high rope - Springfield Village Golf & Spa


Springfield Village Golf & Spa, apart from a vast area of the high standard gold field, there is also a place for challenging activities zone and one of the activities include High Ropes.
The challenging part is when you have to go up high from the ground while gathering all your courage and strength to join this activity. The High Ropes provide 7 bases. Though it might look scary, in every step of the move, there are safety tool protecting you from falling to the ground.
The height challenges are also found in these activities including rappelling from the 11-meter cliff rock, climbing the 4 paths of the high rock with different skills, flying fox or sledging fast down the hill with 40-meter distance.
However, if you are not into heights, ATV, bowing and BB gun are available for you.
How to Play
7 bases is located not too high from the ground, suitable for those who are afraid of height and at the same time, each base is designed to give the fun and exciting experience to love challenging games.
Safety Guideline
High Ropes activity can be joined by the whole family. It is a safe activity as in every base, the safety precaution and tools are provided along with the game instruction.
Springfield Village Golf & Spa
Located at 208, 208/1 Moo2 Samphraya, Cha-am  district,  Petchburi76120
For more information, please contact 0 3270 9222 or via website www.springfieldresort.comor
Open hours: Every day from 09.00-18.00
From Bangkok, take the highway 4 (Petchkasem) or the highway 35 (Rama2) which will meet at Wang Manao t-junction. Drive along Petchburi until reaching Cha-am. Turn right and drive along the bypass route for 10.5 km. When reaching Ban Anghin, turn right to the rural highway 1001 for 5.2 km. Turn right and continue for another 2 km.