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Exciting Journey to Clean Up the River


Exciting Journey to Clean Up the River
Khek River, Amphoe Wang Thong, Phitsanulok
            Beyond just making the Khek River more pleasant to the eyes, cleaning up the river also provides a better environment for the animals that inhabit the river and its banks.
Originatingfrom the Phetchabun Mountains in Phetchabun province, the Khek River in Phitsanulok province is an ideal destination for those who want to quench their thirst for thrills with river rafting. The adrenaline-rush enthusiasts get to enjoy the astounding scenery on both sides of the Khek River that meanders through a distance of around 8 kilometres, with several rapids of difficulty level ranges from 1 to 5 along the course.
            The riveris a big part of the animal and human way of life,but it is often strewn with rubbish. The rafting operators led by theRain Forest Resort organises a Khek River Clean Up Activity on a regular basis, in order to remove the rubbish in the river and to increase awareness to the locals and visitors of the importance of nature conservation. Visitors are invited to embark on a challenging journey of picking up rubbish while river rafting. Although picking up the rubbish from the river is not the way to solve this problem from the root cause, itis a good start for the people to conserve the waterway they enjoy.
ABOUT Freshwater Jellyfish
            The primaevalfreshwater jellyfish or Craspedacusta sowerbyiis usually found in calmbodies of water, which they prefer over fast-flowing streams. In Thailand, the freshwater jellyfish appears floating just below thewater’ssurface at Kaeng Bang Rachan in Phetchabun province and the Khek River. A lot of the freshwater jellyfish are sighted when the waters are at their warmest, which is from March to early May.Clean waters play an important role in the reproduction of the freshwater jellyfish; thus,the high numbers of thetransparent, umbrella-shaped animal serves as a good indicator of the healthy and fertile ecosystem of the Khek River and Kaeng Bang Rachan.
River Clean Up While River Rafting
While enjoying the exciting adventure of river rafting down the Khek River, visitors can take it to another level by picking up the rubbish along the way. The activity helps take care of the beautiful natural surroundings, where you canhave a fun and heart-pumping experience.
Remark: River raftingcan be done from June to October only.
Explore the Organic Farm
TheRain Forest Resort established theRain Forest Farm, which is an organic farm where visitors can find a wide range of activities that promotes the sustainable way of living. The restaurant at the resort uses producefrom the farm; such as, mushroom, vegetable, and eggs, whereas the waste from the resort isbrought to the farm and transformed into bio-extract and bioorganic fertiliser.
Remark: To visit the Rain Forest Farm, please contact theRain Forest Resort prior to your visit.
Visit Nearby Natural Attractions
There are several waterfalls located near the resort, which are part of the Khek River; such as, the beautiful Namtok Kaeng Song and Namtok Sakunothayan,both of which cascade over around 10-metre-high large rock slabs. 

Example of aProgramme of the Khek River Rafting Package
Day 1
Morning: Relax by the Khek River.
Afternoon: River rafting activity.
Day 2
Morning: Explore the organic farm.
Afternoon: Visit the nearby waterfalls.
Remark: The above programme is only an exampleof what is to be expected and is subject to change, depending on the weather conditions and other circumstances. 

GPS: N 16° 51.822' E 100° 37.723'
Accommodation: Rain Forest Resort
Recommended length of stay:Minimum of 2 days and 1 night.
Prices:1,800 Baht for the Khek River Rafting Package, which includes 1 night’s accommodation, 3 meals, rafting activity, and rafting insurance.
Remark: Please check with theRain Forest Resort for more information on the prices.
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