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Ban Mae Klang Luang Agro-tourism Centre, Doi Inthanon

Chiang Mai

Situated amidst evergreen forests and picturesque terraced hills is Ban Mae Klang Luang, a village where the Paganyaw live their unique, traditional lifestyle. This group, the largest concentration of Karen people residing in Thailand, leads a peaceful, simple existence based on a long-established knowledge of agriculture. Rice terrace farming is the main occupation of the villagers of Ban Mae Klang Luang, and it demonstrates their ingenuity in conserving natural resources and living in harmony with nature. Rice terrace farming illustrates the villagers’ dedication to their agricultural activities

choosing the location of paddy fields on not-too-steep slopes near a water source, levelling the land, and readying the fertile soil for farming. The pH of the soil in the fields is prepared by the cultivation of other crops; such as, beans and lentils, and the ploughing of the land to produce organic fertiliser. Rice grows well in flooded fields inundated by a system of bamboo pipes to convey water from its mountain source.


Activities within the Site

Rice Terrace Farming

Visitors are welcome to observe and participate in the rice terrace farming process, whether during the cultivation or harvest period,depending on the time of year.


Highland Fisheries

There are many rainbow trout and red claw crayfish farms, using the clean, fresh water from the top of the mountain.


Cotton Weaving

Cotton weaving is the Paganyaw woman’s way of life, and visitors can observe the manufacture of hand-woven cloth as well as buy products as souvenirs.


Fresh Coffee Brewing

Visitors are able to tour the coffee plantation, roast the coffee beans, brew the coffee, and enjoy the aroma and smooth taste of fresh Arabica coffee.


Local Food Cooking and Tasting

Famous recipes that visitors get to try are “Tom Khao Buea,” boiled rice with meat, and “Kaeng Khao Khua,” curry with roasted ground rice, chili, and meat.


Learn & Earn

The most significant belief of the Paganyaw of Ban Mae Klang Luang is the unity of the people and nature. A visit to this agro-tourism centre provides visitors with the opportunity to learn to live in harmony with nature and understand how rice farming, fisheries, and coffee cultivation are not only basic features of the Paganyaw way of life, but also their contribution towards the sustainability of the natural environment.


Interesting Info

The Paganyaw people show a great respect for nature, and every year hold a ‘Khwan Khao’ ceremony before the planting of rice begins. Everyone gathers to make offerings to the goddess of rice and asks for her blessing for an abundant rice harvest.


Ban Mae Klang Luang’s Information


- Homestay

- Food 

For more information, please contact:

Ban Mae Klang Luang Homestay:

+66 (81) 960 8856, +66 (81) 760 5181

Mae Klang Luang View:

+66 (89) 555 8374, +66 (86) 189 4075

Kirimaya Paradise Ecotourism Network:

+66 (81) 960 8856

Remark: It is recommended that visitors to Ban Mae Klang Luang use a tour guide, as there may be a language barrier.


Recommended Time to Visit:

September to October: rice-growing season

November to January: rice-harvesting season

Remark: Ban Mae Klang Luang can be visited all year round.


How to Get There:

From Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, take Highway 108 (Chiang Mai-Hot) through Amphoe Hang Dong, Amphoe San Pa Tong, and Amphoe Chom Thong for about 50 km., then take Highway 1009 towards Doi Inthanon National Park for about 26 km., and turn left to Ban Mae Klang Luang.

N 18° 32’ 33” E 98° 33’ 02”


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