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Nakhon Nayok

Wongsanit Ashram

Ashram is Sanskrit for a spiritual hermitage where a group of people live in natural surroundings and conduct spiritual activities and meditation. Wongsanit Ashram is a place where nature and environment are highly cherished and respected. From first entry, visitors travel to the ashram on a barge pulled along the canal by people, a traditional means transport.

Situated in peaceful, natural surroundings, Wongsanit Ashram introduces visitors to some of its key principles, self-reliance and life under its eco-village concept, involving food, accommodation, and activities.

Activities within the Site

Earthen Building Workshop

• Choosing the location: Flat land and proximity to a moving water source are conditions ideal for the construction of earthen buildings.

• Making adobe bricks: Adobe bricks are made of clay, sandy soil, and husk or straw mixed in a ratio of 1.5:1:1, respectively. These components are mixed together, compressed by foot, and then placed into a brickform mould and left until completely set. Then the bricks are removed from the form and left to dry for about 3 days.

• Building earthen homes: The dried adobe bricks are then plastered with mud to the wooden or bamboo structure to make the walls of the houses.

Eco-village Design Education

          Eco-village is a new concept developed to blend local wisdom and cultural heritage of the traditional Asian communities with the more modern ideas of Western communities. Visitors participate in an experiential

learning journey to understand the sustainability of the holistic ways of life. This concept is designed in accordance with ecological principles, so that people learn to live in self-reliant harmony with nature.

Self-reliance Activities

          Visitors are given the opportunity to be self-reliant and environmentally-friendly by learning to make chemical-free soap and shampoo, tie-dye clothes using natural products, and charcoal from an earthen kiln

Interesting Info

          The quality of an adobe brick can be tested by dropping it on the floor. If only a small corner of the brick breaks, then it is of good quality.

Learn & Earn

          Self-reliance is a concept that Wongsanit Ashram teaches to people, so that they can become more independent and freer of external factors. This concept brings people closer to nature and allows them to learn to make efficient and effective use of natural resources. Through Eco-village Design Education, visitors learn to appreciate a simple way of life that is ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable.

Wongsanit Ashram Information


    - Accommodation

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For more information, please contact:

Wongsanit Ashram: +66 (37) 332 296-7

Remark: It is recommended that visitors to the Wongsanit Ashram use a tour guide, as there may be a language barrier.

Recommended Time to Visit:

The Wongsasit Ashram can be visited all year round.

How to Get There:

-Take the the Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road to Khlong 15 and turn left At the “Oranamental Plant and Floral Centre” and proceed further for 4 km.
-Turn right at the intersection.
-Continue for around 30 metres to see the Wongsanit Ashram on the right and use the hand-pulled barge across the canal to get to the Ashram.

N 14° 07’ 38” E 100° 56’ 40


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