Green Attraction

Ko Mak


     Ko Mak is one of those seemingly hidden and out-of-sight islands in Thailand that is actually surprisingly easy to access. Bustling with all the beauty beach lovers are seeking, white sands and a crystal clear sea, Ko Mak is a picturesque quiet beach offering the whole package for ultimate relaxation and privacy.

     For tourists who love biking, one can enjoy pedalling through Ko Mak’s beautiful roadside scenery, lush green forests, rubber plantations and coconut orchards that are dot all over the island. The Island’s beaches are connected and can be easily accessed. Ao Suan Yai has fairly dense sand allowing for cycling enthusiasts to enjoy pedalling along the edge of the ocean. Beach bicycling at sunset with your loved one is an ideal choice for those seeking a romantic activity. For those who prefer to lay low and relax, no activity is required other than simply sitting back and enjoying the serenity of Ko Mak. Listening to the sea waves roll in and out provides an oddly calming effect.

Romantic Places
Koh Mak Resort was one of the first to offer accommodation on the island. Guests will be impressed with the service and serene atmosphere. Room types are available in many styles and are very good value for the price.
The Cinnamon Art Resort and Spa is a uniquely designed choice of accommodation that can help take your vacation experience to the next level. The “art resort” is also known to be one of the best viewpoint locations on the island.
Plubpla Koh Mak Retreat is a modern resort located on Ao Phai and designed with a touch of minimalism and sense of space that will keep you relaxed and calm. Simple as it may seem, the resort is fully equipped with amenities and the high level of comfort guests are looking for.

Romantic Dining
Orchid Restaurant
The cost of living on Ko Mak is very affordable; one can easily find a reasonably priced seaside dinner that is fresh, scrumptious and well worth the price.
Cinnamon Restaurant 
is renowned for the chef’s special dishes and his famous seafood entrees are both tasty, fresh, and unforgettable.
Little Moon Villa’s Restaurant
offers authentic Thai cuisine. Some of the menu items are rare finds these days and can be adjusted to suit everyone’s taste buds.

How to Get There
Ko Mak is 40 kilometres off Trat’s coastline and 20 kilometres from Ko Chang. The island can be reached by boats which are available from the Memorial Pier on the mainland and Ao Bang Bao Pier in the south of Ko Chang. It takes about 1 -2 hours to reach the island (travel time depending on the type of boat) Tel.+66 8 1632 3614, +66 8 4111 9036.