Green Attraction

Ao Kio, Ko Samet


     Located near the furthest end of Ko Samet, Ao Kio is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Ao Kio is an ideal destination for those seeking a holiday paradise, thanks to its fine white sands and secluded locations where hardly a traveller has stepped foot.

     The name “Ao Kio” (‘kio’ means small/narrow in Thai) speaks to the lands characteristic features as the opposing coast lines are incredibly narrow and separated by only a small piece of land. At sunrise, tourists can enjoy the sights of a beautiful dawn rising over the east coast and simply rotate their orientation to enjoy a romantic dinner while taking in the sunset over the west coast.

     There is only one resort available on Ao Kio making the island a perfect holiday choice for couples. The resort spans across both beaches and makes an ideally private kingdom for beach lovers.

Romantic Place 
Paradee Resort is perfect for couples, as it is the only resort available on Ao Kio and can provide an ultimate private experience. Each villa is decorated in a Mediterranean style and gives off a bright-as-the-sun ambience during the daytime. The rooms are painted in earth tones with an Asian feel that has a soothing effect as night sets in. 
Tel. +66 2438 9771-2.

Romantic Dining
& Romantic Moment
There are two restaurants on Ao Kio; The Restaurant located in Paradee Resort serves Thai and international cuisine and allows for guests to enjoy the backdrop of the sea view. Sunset Bar is located on the west end of the Beach, a perfect spot to sip on a few holiday drinks and enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

How to Get There
Ao Kio is located at the southern end of Samet Island approximately 7 kilometres from Na Dan Pier (main pier of Ko Samet). Guests of Paradee Resort can reach Ao Kio via the resort’s speedboat. The trip takes approximately 15-30 minutes and departs from the resort’s pier at Ban Phe on the mainland.