Green Attraction

Hat Na Dan, Ao Khanom

Nakhon Si Thammarat

     The beach at Nakhon Si Thammarat is in proximity to Samui but offers a completely different atmosphere. Unlike the more popular Samui, Hat Na Dan is lesser known but its beauty is second to none. Because of its exclusive location, Hat Na Dan has only a handful number of A-list resorts, which ultimately makes an ideal choice for couples who yearn for the perfect hideaway

     The local people at Na Dan are mostly fisherfolk – an occupation that has been passed down for generations. During the off season, they will operate a sightseeing boat trip for tourists. Some of the many interesting places worth visiting are ‘Pancake Rock’ a mountain with its intricate curve pattern of rock (also called “Isoclinal Fold”) that appears like a pile of neatly folded clothes capped by a boat trip to behold the magnificent sight of pink dolphins. The boat people maintain that the baby dolphinsactually have gray-coloured skin but it turns pink when they grow. 

     Hat Na Dan provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and is undoubtedly a charming little place for everyone to enjoy.

Romantic Places
Racha Kiri Resort and Spa
Racha Kiri Resort and Spa, a luxurious resort on Hat Khanom, offers a traditional Thai atmosphere and makes your holiday a special and upscale trip.
Baan Civilize Resort
Baan Civilize Resort is a compact-sized resort that offers a cozy atmosphere. With its giant glass window, guests can enjoy an intimate feel with the ocean. Simply open the window and have a cool dip in the blue sea.
Aava Resort
Aava Resort is a modern style accommodation with atouch of minimalism. With traditional Thai interior décor i.e. giant clay jars that are placed all over the resort, Aava Resort provides an elegant ambience while ensuring a comfort feel for guests.

Romantic Dining
Kanab Naam Terrace
Kanab Naam Terrace is overlooking a panoramic view of Ko Samui. The restaurant serves up fine Thai cuisine in the romantic atmosphere.
Aalto creates a romantic dinner meticulously prepared by Thailand’s top chef.
Tangke Kitchen
Tangke Kitchen serves guaranteed-fresh seafood as the owner is the fisherman himself. Try grilled prawn and the famous fish dish like Pacific dory.

Romantic Moment
Pink Dolphin Sighting Khanom Sea is a habitat for pink dolphins. One can get a glimpse of them on a regular basis. Setting out early in the morning for a boat cruise is a way to make sure you would not miss this lovely creature.

How to Get There
Hat Na Dan is located in Khanom district, Nakhon Si Thammarat near Surat Thani province. The beach is found on the way to the ferryboat service from Samui to two southern provinces (70 km. from Surat Thani city and 90 km. from Nakhon Si Thammarat). The most convenient transportation is to travel by plane either to Surat Thani or Nakhon Si Thammarat and find a hired vehicle that will take you to the beach. Some visitors also avail of the resort’s transfer service to get to their lodgings.