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Ao Rai Le


     Secret heaven is another description of this fantastic beach. The stretched line beach is laid out in the sea like another cape of paradise. However, it is separated from the mainland by several labyrinth mountains functioning like the natural fortress to protect this beautiful beach. To reach this secret bay is via boat only.

     Extremely high mountains in Ao Rai Le are the origin of rock climbing in Thailand. The place is the hub of several rock climbing schools where beginners can learn how to climb the mountains within 2 hours. For experienced rock climbers, hundreds of adventurous routes are available. There are day time and night time activities programmes for visitors to choose. Deep water soloing is another daring activity which challenges them to jump from the cliff into the deep blue sea. These two activities seem dangerous but safety is guaranteed.

Colourful Life @Rai Le
In the Morning
The Best Viewpoint of Ao Rai Le
Start the day with the morning exercise by climbing to the most spectacular viewpoint of Ao Rai Le. Admire the panoramic view of West Ao Rai Le and East Ao Rai Le which are surrounded by the immense mountains. If you are not too tired, climb up further to the lagoon which has been described as a secret place amid the valley. Sightseeing at Thale Waek at Mu Ko Po Da
When the tide is low, the white sand dune appears. You can see three islands connected by this sand dune where you can simply walk across to each of three islands. For those who love sunbathing the 1 km - long beach of Ko Po Da is another heaven.
Deep Water Soloing
At the back of Ko Po Da is the nook for an adventurous and daring activity like cliff jumping where you climb up to the cliff bare-handed. The climax is when you jump freely into the sea below. +66 8 6120 7913

At Noon
Rock Climbing
Another must-do activity to test your intrepidness when you come to Ao Rai Le. You can choose the beginner’s classes to learn how to climb the mountain. If you are an expert, there are hundreds of climbing routes for you to explore. This place allures real climbers across the world as a wide variety of climbing routes is found here. Apart from exercising, rock climbing requires concentration and creativity since people can climb in different ways in each different route. Climbers must have DIY skills to come up with the best way that suits them.
Hot Rock Climbing School
+66 8 6120 7913
King Climber
Wee’s Rock Climbing School
Sea Kayaking
The beautiful and calm sea is the ideal place for kayaking where tourists can kayak easily as well as enjoy the view of gigantic limestone mountains and cliffs.

At Night
Railay Restaurant
If you are looking for the restaurant offering delicious food and good atmosphere, Railay is the perfect restaurant for you. Toothsome food at reasonable prices and the stunning view of Ao Rai Le are what you can expect from this restaurant.
Walking Street
This is probably the shortest walking street in Thailand. This small but lively walking street is more than sufficient for this small beach. Restaurants, bars and handmade shops on this street can make your evening enjoyable.
Rock Climbing at Night at Yaya Bar
If climbing the mountain during the day does not make you fulfilled, you may try rock climbing at night at Yaya Bar where you can see the lively beach from above. After finishing climbing, you can simply chill out at Yaya Bar to recharge yourself (Yaya Bar is situated near the entrance of Tham Phra Nang Nok, East Ao Rai Le) Climbing equipment Walking Street

In Bed
Railay Bay
Offers different types of rooms with various prices ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 Baht. No matter which room you choose, it is all worth your money. Lovely and small houses built from cement and bamboo or a big villa for big families is available for you to choose.
Railay Village Resort and Spa
This beautiful hotel has a background of several high hills which are important landmarks of Ao Rai Le.
Bhu Nga Thani
The elegant hotel is stylish in everywhere. The resort is located adjacent to the mangrove forest of East Ao Rai Le.
Railay Great View
Thatched cottages built from bamboo which have all the necessary facilities with reasonable prices situated among woodland and highrise hills.

How to Get There
Ao Rai Le is situated on the mainland of Krabi but it cannot be accessed by car. The only way to reach this bay is by Hua Thong (long-tail) boat (60 Baht) from Ao Nam Mao Pier (nearby Susan Hoi), or from Ao Phra Nang (100 Baht).