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Hat Mae Ramphueng


     Hat Mae Ramphueng is an ideal choice for family trips, as it can be reached in a fairly short amount of time and comes packaged with all the comforts and conveniences your family may require.

     Hat Mae Ramphueng is an important and popular tourist destination in Rayong. Besides its famous seafood restaurants, popular with both locals and tourists for having fresh seafood delivered daily, Rayong is also home to numerous other local gourmet eateries. If your family happens to enjoy indulging their taste buds, you may want to consider extending your trip to more than just a few days time. Resorts and hotels in Mae Ramphueng are designed especially to cater to the various needs of families and groups of friends. Despite a continuous flow of tourists, Hat Mae Ramphueng remains a peaceful and serene holiday destination.

Happy Route
Around and Beyond Hat Mae Ramphueng
Start off your journey at Lan Hin Khao (White Rocks) considered to be the most beautiful spot on all beaches in Mae Ramphueng area. With its beautiful and uniquely shaped rocks, the location is a fun place for collecting a few snapshots. Khao Laem Ya (Laem Ya Mountain) is located at the end of Hat Mae Ramphueng and is also well worth a visit, as it is the location of the Khao Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet National Park. Visitors can enjoy looking out from the viewpoint on the mountain and taking in the gorgeous atmosphere that surrounds them. Many choose to save the best for the last and make this their final destination perfect for catching a sunset.

Located next to Laem Ya Mountain is the Rayong Aquarium, a fun and great place for children to visit. Kids can learn about all kinds of aquatic creatures. Stop by and fill your stomach with tasty goodness at the Ban Phe Market – the largest fresh seafood market in all of Rayong; the squid roe is a must-try delicacy.

Drive a bit further on to the pine trees quarter along Hat Suan Son’s beach road where one will find a thick, dense pine forestproviding the perfect amount of shade for a seaside picnic.

How to Get There
Mae Ramphueng is located in Rayong province, approximately 190 km from Bangkok. Busses are available from Ekamai Bus terminal.
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The most convenient transportation for a family trip is to drive their own vehicle and follow the route to Bangkok - Chon Buri - Rayong. Driving takes approximately 3 hours.