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Khao Lak and Nearby Beaches

Phang Nga

     Not far from Phuket, one will find a long beach stretching along the Phang-nga coast and overlooking the Indian Ocean. “Khao Lak” consists of several beaches; such as, Hat Nang Thong, Hat Bang Niang, Hat Khuekkhak, and Hat Bang Sak.

     Due to the many connecting beaches, Khao Lak can always provide room for everyone and visitors never feel cramped. Life on the white sandy beaches of Khao Lak is slow moving and relaxing. With pure nature all around you, tourist attractions and activities for both children and adults, good food, great accommodation and safety, it is not surprising that Khao Lak is an ideal holiday destination choice for many.

     The nightlife at Khao Lak provides a harmony of good fun and relaxation that is not too lively nor too quiet. Ladies often enjoy street shopping at the arts and crafts stalls as well as the many shops featuring handmade goods, while others can enjoy chatting over a drink at one of the small bars or taking pleasure in stargazing and simply enjoying the beach life.

Happy Route
Around and Beyond Khao Lak
The perfect start to a happy route begins at the “Khao Lak- Lam Ru National Park,” located on the furthest southern end of Khao Lak Beach. The Park features a nature trail for visitors to follow and enjoy the lush green scenery and the beautiful ocean below. The route will take you all the way to the beach and is filled with magical sea creatures like mudskippers adding excitement along the way.
After enjoying an up-close personal experience with nature, move on to Hat Bang Niang to visit the “Tsunami Memorial Monument” – a police boat carrying 60 tons of weight that was washed ashore during the Tsunami. This memorial provides a clear reminder to the strength of nature and natural forces.

Enjoy a fun hour at the “Khao Lak Mini Golf” where families can experience golfing on a course reminiscent of ancient city architecture. All 18 holes are hidden in corners and there are plenty of tricks, turns and surprises awaiting you.

Continue your journey and head over to “Laem Pakarang” or “Coral Cape”, a secluded corner of Khao Lak that juts into the sea. The formation of Coral Cape is downright amazing as the remains of the corals were washed up on the shore and little by little turned to the solid white formations that can be seen today.

If time allows, a visit to “Ko Kho Khao” is highly recommended. Ko Kho Khao is a giant island located just 10 minutes from the shore. Visitors can load their cars onto the boat to easily travel to Ko Kho Khao. The nature on theisland remains untouched and refreshing. Enjoy kayaking along the mangrove forests or bicycling down natural routes. Stop by the old town of Takua Pa, a former trade hub and centre of prosperous mining businesses many centuries ago. The unique Sino-Portuguese architecture can still be seen throughout the city and is sure to inspire a few worthy snapshots. Visitors should also give “Khanom Tao So” a try –a local delicacy guaranteeing an authentic taste.

An activity must not be missed when visiting Khao Lak is to experience the natural beauty of Ko Similan and, expecially, Ko Tachai which has been recently opened for tourists to enjoy it almost 100 % unspoiled nature.

Khao Lak - Lam Ru National Park
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How to Get There
The most convenient mode of transportation is by plane. Planes arrive at Phuket International Airport first, and then proceed on to Khao Lak located approximately 75 km away. Visitors can hire a taxi from the airport or use the hotel transfer services. Personal vehicles can follow the route Bangkok- Highway No. 4 - Hua Hin - Surat Thani - Highway no. 401 - Takua Pa - Highway No. M4 - Khao Lak. The total distance is 800 km. Travelling by bus from Bangkok - Khao Lak is an option as well.
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