Green Attraction

The luxurious healing power of Nature!


Dii Wellness Med Spa, the latest addition of Divana spa, is a "must" on your 'to do list' while rejuvenating in the capital of Thailand. Dii Wellness Med Spa at the up-market complex Central Embassy offers a range of cutting-edge medical and aesthetic treatments set in the best possible environment that is worlds away in style from the rest. Designed by Amata Luphaiboon, world renown and award winning Thai interior designer, the imagination runs wild as you step into Dii (which stands for Divana's integrated innovation). It’s easy to find yourself lost in another universe, or outer space except that you still feel the effects of gravity. A sci-fi realm, one might think, but you’re most likely to come face-to-face with the infinity of time and space. And that’s just the beginning of your other-worldly spa experience.

With the team of doctors, beauty gurus and spa therapists, DII prides itself upon balancing out the twin forces that stand at opposite poles in nature. From the clinic, a corridor leads to the spa embracing the dark tones. The corridor feels like the gateway to another galaxy with a million shimmering crystal overhangs resembling a cluster of stars in the night sky. On both sides of the corridor are mirrored glass panels, behind the veneer of which are the two treatment rooms.

The trip to this mini-kingdom of relaxation takes on a galactic mode, feeling like a voyage into the unknown depths of space, or a far-flung cosmic oasis some billion light-years away. Astronomical excitement runs high.

In its quest for medical wellness, DII uses the latest medical technology to complement the more traditional Oriental healing techniques based on the use of organic, natural products. DII takes into account the guest’s diet, lifestyle and medical history when dispensing a treatment programme of interest. 

Doctor-assisted treatments are divided into three main categories: anti-ageing, detoxification and white aura and brightening. The programme starts with a medical consultation and checkup.

In the case of wellness therapies (no consultation with a physician needed), the focus is on recovery, cure, distressing, relaxation and the balancing of body and mind. The process promotes an inner sense of calm and wellbeing.

Recommended signature treatments are inspired by the healing power of nature. 


They are...

The Empress of the Sea, an anti-ageing treatment, works wonders by penetrating peptides extracted from the starfish, or short-chain amino acids, into the epidermis using an electroporation device. Then drench the body with champagne before an exfoliation with a white pearl scrub. The process ends with a Dead Sea salt bath. The treatment room lights up in blue sapphire akin to that of a deep ocean to signify eternal beauty.

Andaman La Luna, an aura brightening therapy, uses the shark cartilage serum, body oxygen spray to open pores and create clarity. The process leaves skin glowing and revitalized. The session is illuminated with a gentle turquoise light.

And Ayurvedic Black Marine, a balancing and revitalizing therapy works at the cellular level using black jade stones from Myanmar. The process is painless and blissful. The highlight is the shirodhara technique that sooths and invigorates the senses by gently pouring liquids on the third eye or chakra point on the forehead.  The session embraces the dark blue tone akin to that of a moon-lit night at sea.


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