Green Attraction

King Cruiser Wreck / Shark Point / Anemone Reef


Location:         Approximately 26 kilometres from Phuket’s east coast.
Dive Trip:        Boat Dive / Liveaboard
Skill Level:      Advanced
Depth:             5 – 32metres / Average Depth
Visibility:        5 – 25metres
Currents:         Moderate and can be strong.
Wetsuits:         3 mm.
Dive Sites:       King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, Anemone Reef
Season:            December – April
Corals:             Sea anemone, soft coral, sea fan, and barrel sponge.
Marine life:      Leopard shark, whale shark, lionfish, clownfish, moray eel, butterflyfish, ghost pipefish, rhinopias scorpionfish, tuna, yellowtail snapper, pufferfish, stingray, harlequin shrimp, crab, nudibranch, and sea turtle.
Airport:           Phuket International Airport
By Car:            From Phuket International Airport, drive around 40 kilometres to theRatsada Pier in Amphoe Mueang Phuket.
By Boat:          The distancefrom theRatsada Pier to theKing Cruiser Wreck is around 26 kilometres.
                        The distancefrom theAo Chalong Pier totheKing Cruiser Wreck is around 25-27 kilometres.

King Cruiser Wreck
            A passenger and car ferry measuring 85 metres long and 25 metres wide that travelled between Phuket and Muko Phi Phi, theKing Cruiser sank on 4 May, 1997,after hitting the Anemone Reef dive site. Fortunately, there was no loss of life, and the ferry with 4 decks rested in an upright position on the sandy seabed at adepth of 32 metres.
            The wreck of the King Cruiser now serves as a home to a diversity of marine life and has becomeone of the popular attractions of the Andaman Sea amongst divers. Covered by colourful corals, the uppermost part of the ferry is around 14-15 metres deep and is inhabited by several species of fish; such as, school of barracuda, rhinopias scorpionfish, yellowstripescad, lionfish, pufferfish, eel, nudibranch, and lobster. At the depth of 16 metres is the captain’s cabin with beautiful corals and small reef fish, whereas at 18-22 metres is the passenger section with a lot of tables and chairs scatteredaround the area. At 25 metres is the engine room and car deck, where divers might be able to spot whale sharks.
Shark Point
            Also known as Hin Mu Sang, Shark Point is named after the frequent encounter with sharks, especially leopard shark, in the area. Shark Point is composed of 3 limestonepinnacles that are aligned in a north-south axis. The only pinnacle that breaks the surface is the northernmost outcrop, which rises to 2 metres above thewater with a small lighthouse for nighttime navigation. Divers usually dive around the first and the second pinnacle, where the peak is at the depth of 5-7 metres, but seldom visit the third pinnacle with a10-15-metre-deep peak. Even though there arenot as many sharks found resting on the seabed here as in the past, diversrarely leave this site disappointed. Shark Point is dense with beautiful marine life ranging from vibrant soft corals, huge sea fans, barrel sponges, sea anemones, nudibranch, seahorses, and dancing shrimps. The impressive diversity of fish seen at this dive site includes ghost pipefish, clownfish, rhinopias scorpionfish, lionfish, moray eel, pufferfish, and bamboo shark.
Anemone Reef
Anemone Reef or Hin Chom (Thai for “submerged rock”) has got both English and Thai names from the characteristic of the dive site, which is a submerged rock covered by a profusion of multi-coloured sea anemones and vibrant soft corals. The pinnacle reef has a north-south orientation, with the base at the depth of around 30 metres and risingto a depth of around 5 metres. The colourful sea fans, corals and sea anemones that gently sway in the currents are home to playful clownfish, as well as small aquatic creatures; such as, shrimp, crab, and seahorse. The variety of fish that are usually sighted here includes moray eel, lionfish, barracuda, and rhinopias scorpionfish. Sometimes, large pelagic fish like leopard sharks and stingrays are found resting on the seabed around this site.
Sample Diving Itinerary:
Day Trip: 3 dives (King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, Anemone Reef)
Morning:                     The boat departs theAo Chalong Pier in Phuket province fortheKing Cruiser Wreck.
(Dive 1) Begin the trip by exploring the underwater beauty at theKing Cruiser Wreck.
Afternoon:                  (Dive 2) Spend time searching for the sharks around Shark Point.
Evening:                      (Dive 3) Enjoy marvelling at the colourful sea anemones and corals at Anemone Reef.
                                    Depart to disembark at Ao Chalong in Phuket province.
  • The one-day diving trip at theKing Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, and Anemone Reef can be done all year round.
  • Apart from theAo Chalong Pier, the boats for this one-day diving trip also depart from theRatsada Pier in Phuket province and theAo Nang Pier in Krabi province.
5 days 4 nights liveaboard diving trip (Muko Ha, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, Ko Rok, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lipe, theKing Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, and Anemone Reef)
Remark: The liveaboard trip begins by departing from theRatsada Pier in Phuket at night and arriving at Muko Ha in the early morning (stay overnight on board).
Day 1: 4 dives at Muko Ha and Muko Phi Phi
Morning:                    (Dive 1) Start the trip with a check dive at Ko Ha Lagoon.
Afternoon:                  (Dive 2-3) Explore the amazing underwater ecosystem around Muko Ha.
Evening:                      (Dive 4) Enjoy a night dive around Muko Phi Phi.  
Stay overnight on board.
Day 2: 4 dives at Muko Phi Phi, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, and Ko Rok
Morning:                     (Dive 1) Enjoy marvelling at the colourful corals at Hin Daeng.
Afternoon:                  (Dive 2) Explore the beautiful purple soft corals at Hin Muang.
                                    (Dive 3) Spend more time amidst the natural wonders at either Hin Daeng or Hin Muang.
Evening:                      (Dive 4) Discover the beauty of the underwater world at night at Ko Rok.
Stay overnight on board.
Day 3: 4 dives at Ko Lipe
Morning – Afternoon: (Dive 1-3) Enjoy 3 dives at Ko Lipe.
Evening:                      (Dive 4) Enjoy a night dive to observe the night scenery of
Ko Lipe.
Stay overnight on board.
Day 4: 3 dives at theKing Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, and Anemone Reef
Morning:                     (Dive 1) Discover the rich diversity of marine creatures that are inhabiting the wreck of the King Cruiser.
Afternoon:                  (Dive 2) Enjoy searching for sharks at Shart Point.
Evening:                      (Dive 3) Spend time exploring the stunning sea anemones at Anemone Reef.
Remark: The liveaboard diving trips that include theKing Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, and Anemone Reef are usually liveaboardtrips fromtheMuko Lanta National Park and Ko Lipe, which aresubject to change depending on the weather conditionsand dive operators. (More information is intheMuko Lanta National Park and Ko Lipe sections.)
The facilities on the liveaboard boat include comfortable accommodation, food and beverage, tanks, weight belts, and professional dive guides.