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Location:         The National Park is situated on the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand and coversAmphoe Pathio, Amphoe Sawi, Amphoe Thung Tako, and Amphoe Lang Suan of Chumphon province.
Dive Trip:        Resort /Boat Dive / Liveaboard
Skill Level:      Beginner – Advanced
Depth:             10 – 30metres / Average Depth
Visibility:        10 – 20metres
Currents:         Moderate
Wetsuits:         3 mm.
Dive Sites:       Ko Ngam Yai, Ko Ngam Noi, Ko Hin Lak Ngam
Season:            May – October
Corals:             Hard coral, soft coral, black coral, barrel sponge, sea anemone, cup coral, and zoanthid.
Marine life:      Skunk clownfish, red snapper, trevally, yellowstripescad, barracuda, butterflyfish, angelfish, blue damsel, tiger cowrie, giant clam, nudibranch, turtle, sawblade shrimp, whale shark, and bull shark.
Airport:           Chumphon Airport
By Car:            From Chumphon Airport, drive around 45 kilometres to the Tha Yang Pier in Chumphon province.
By Boat:          Approximately 1 hour from the Tha Yang Pier in Chumphon province to Ko Ngam Yai, Ko Ngam Noi and Ko Hin Lak Ngam.

Ko Ngam Yai
            A huge limestone mountain with steep cliffs and no beaches, Ko Ngam Yai is a swallow’s nest concession island. The underwater world is incredibly beautiful with a wealth of healthy coral reefs, especially to the west of the island where numerous sea anemones and clownfish are found. The highlight is however on the eastern side, which is one of the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand to find plentiful black corals, soft corals, hard corals, cup corals, zoanthids, and sea anemones. Ko Ngam Yai has an average depth ofbetween 5 and 30 metres, and divers can also find a 10-15-metre-long swim-through, which is home to sponges, corals, and a variety of fish; such as, school of yellowstripescad, school of barracuda, butterflyfish, parrotfish, angelfish, turtle, sawblade shrimp, and nudibranch.
Ko Ngam Noi
            Also a swallow’s nest concession island, Ko Ngam Noi is similar to Ko Ngam Yai but is smaller in size and consistsof groups of small rock formations surrounding the island. The wide array of marine life found inhabiting the corals and sea anemones includes orange cup coral, sponge, sea urchin, nudibranch, lionfish, moray eel, grouper, batfish, and butterflyfish. Gorgeous zoanthids and sea whips carpetingthe rocky seabed in some partsof Ko Ngam Noi, and are inhabited by sawblade shrimps and sea turtles. Occasionally, lucky divers might encounter whale sharks passing by.
Ko Hin Lak Ngam
            A small outcrop that breaks the surface to the south of Ko Ngam Noi, Ko Hin Lak Ngam has an average depth of 5-20 metres. The island is listed on top of the dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand with thedensest black coral covers, featuring different colours, ranging from white to brown, and yellow. Apart from the resident reef fish; such as, skunk clownfish, parrotfish, seahorse, ghost pipefish, oyster, and nudibranch, divers can also spot schoolsof barracuda as well as rarewhale sharks.  

Sample Diving Itinerary:
Day Trip: 3 dives (Ko Ngam Yai, Ko Ngam Noi, and Ko Hin Lak Ngam)
Morning:                     Depart the Tha Yang Pier for Ko Ngam Yai.
(Dive 1) Discover the abundance of natural resources of the Chumphon Sea at Ko Ngam Yai.
(Dive 2) Continue immersing in the beauty of the marine world of theChumphon Sea at Ko Ngam Noi.
Afternoon:                  (Dive 3) Enjoy exploring the spectacular underwater world at Ko Hin Lak Ngam.
Evening:                      Depart to disembark at the Tha Yang Pier.
Remark: Most of the liveaboard diving trips at Muko Chumphon already includes
nearby diving sites in the itinerary; such as, Ko Tao, Chumphon Pinnacle, Shark
Island, Sail Rock and Hin Phae;however, the diving itinerary is subject to change,
depending on the weather conditions and the dive operators. (More information is in
the Ko Tao section.)
A wide range of accommodation is available in Chumphon province; a few examples include:
Chumphon Cabana Resort and Diving Center  Tel. +66 7756 0245
Sairi Beach Cabanas   Tel. +668 1895 9151, +66 7755 8244, +66 7755 8245
Dive Green:
            The annual Chumphon Sea World Fair is organised by the collaboration of theChumphon Provincial Administrative Office, Chumphon Tourism Association, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and privatesector organisations in Chumphon province. The goal of the event is to promote tourist attractions in Chumphon, encourage sustainable tourism activities, as well as create awareness to locals and visitors of environmental conservation.