Green Attraction

Kru Tao Hydroponics Farm in Khao Kho


When you go to Khao Kho The place where you can choose the fruits and vegetables you like with fresh air in the lungs, and the resort to stay with is the " Kru Tao Hydroponics Farm in Khao Kho" is a place that is the answer of vegetables grown without soil. The plant is a beautiful resort in the mist. It is a center of deposits and accommodation that can accommodate group visits.

This Hydroponics Farm in Khao Kho established by Kru Tao or Mr. Viratch Paladej inspired by clean food and organic food eating, so when he returned from Australia, this project has then been created.

Visitors will get the opportunity to learn how to plant organic vegetables with hydroponic method in all process where tourists can pick what they sow in winter season. The highlight includes fresh strawberry picking during the winter season.

- Visiting the fruit and vegetable garden.
- Learn to plant without soil.
- Relax in the fresh air at Khao Kho.

Kru Tao 089-8966649, Ms. Kanda 081-9269135