Green Attraction

Tung Prong Thong


Tung Prong Thong, Golden Mangrove Field, is an eco-tourism site, located in Ban Samae Pu community. It is about 2400 acres broad. In the past, locals utilized this area to do fishery, shrimp farm, and fruit farm. The land had then degraded, and natural resource had been overexploited. Pak Nam Pra Sae Subdistrict Municipality together with local people had developed the largest area of mangrove forest in Rayong to be an eco-tourism site and learning center. There is a 2-km route for learning ecosystem. Tourists can gain knowledge in ecosystem, enjoy the scenery. The highlight is a large field of light-green ceriopsgrowing densely across the land. People, Therefore, calls it “Tung Prong Thong” (literally, golden ceriops field)

Don’t miss
- Nature trail study mangrove forest. Watch the abundance of mangrove forest or plain gold fields.
- Walk along the path on the bridge. The golden yellow field.
- Sea beach view at the in the mangrove forest.


- traverses the wooden bridge to watch the firefly at night.
- Watch the marine life of mangrove ecosystems such as shrimp, mussels, crabs, crabs, crabs and fish.
For more information,
Mu 7,Tambon Pak Nam Prat, Amphoe Klang, Rayong
Tel. 0-3866-1720-1
Open: 6am to 6pm daily.
Tourist season: all year round