Green Attraction

Ban Khiri Wong

Nakhon Si Thammarat

A community against deforestation


      On 22 November, 1988, the area around KhaoLuang National Park was devastated by one of the worst natural disasters in recent Thai history. After weeks of torrential rains, mudslides claimed 700 lives and wiped out villages. This catastrophe prompted the logging ban act in the following year.


      In Ban Khiri Wong, evidence of the disaster reminds us of what deforestation could bring. The damaged Khiri Wong Temple stands as a local memorial, and is one of the highlights of your visit to the village.


      Today, Ban Khiri Wong is better known for its exemplary, award-winning management of community-based tourism. The secret of their success lies in the serene atmosphere amid the backdrop of the majestic KhaoLuang (1,835 m), as well as the variety of activities that allow you to understand the local way of life.


      Here, villagers make a living selling produce from their fruit orchards. Khiri Wong people have passed on from generation to generation the technique of ‘SuanSomrom’--the practice of organically growing several kinds of fruits in the same plot: durian, mangosteen, coconut or banana trees.


      As a part of the programme, guests can take a stroll among the aromatic fruit trees, swim in the cooling stream and waterfall, and will be taken to see demonstrations at several handicraft cooperatives. You will get see the making of batik and tie-dye cloths, herbal cosmetic products, and the weaving of jewellery from cords and natural materials; such as, dried fruit shells and river stones.


      For the travellers interested in a botanical quest, try climbing to the top of KhaoLuang mount, the highest peak of the South of Thailand. The trek to the top will take you three days. Contact the Homestay group for guide services.



      The village is hailed as one of the pilots of community-based tourism and is committed to providing a culturally enriching experience for guests. The location at the base of Mount KhaoLuang is also ideal for nature lovers.



      Ban Khiri Wong’s recent history as a community devastated by floods that managed to rise again from the ashes. Their commitment to the protection of the natural environment is telling of Thailand’s turn towards green tourism.



      If you plan to go with their homestay package, call in advance to check availability (you may have to join other guests). There is accommodation in the village, as well as around and inside KhaoLuang National Park.


How To Get There

      First reach Nakhon Si Thammarat town, then take Highway 4016. Turn left into Highway 4015. At the Km 9, turn right and Ban Khiri Wong will be about 9 km away. There are daily local taxis leaving from town centre from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Ban Khiri Wong Homestay 0 7530 9010

Khun Keeta 08 6788 8718