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Suan Pa Himawan


Finding peace of mind

      Far off the beaten path and away from the sound of cars, down a narrow dirt road and through a small village close to the PhuRuea mountain range in Loei, lies the Suan Pa Himawan Retreat Centre.


      An oasis, tailor-made for those in need of a break from the everyday perils of our modern existence, the centre offers Dhammakaya meditation courses in Thai, English, Japanese, and Chinese. The Dhammakaya headquarters are in Bangkok, near the old Don Mueang Airport. The temple draws tens of thousands of visitors. The sect, led by PhadetDattajeevo, has been put in the spotlight from time to time, and criticized by Buddhist academics for its huge budget and taste for modern architecture in constructing its temples. Nevertheless, the worldwide success of its meditation courses deserves a place in this book.


      What truly makes Suan Pa Himawan unique is that it has been created to accommodate people from a large range of backgrounds, and its relaxed atmosphere is comfortable even for those who have never set foot inside a Buddhist temple. Set in a remote location, it is open only to registered guests, ensuring that retreat participants get the peace and quiet they need to calm the waters of the mind.


      The Middle Way, based in PathumThani, is responsible for organizing the English-speaking retreats held nearly every month at Suan Pa Himawan. Before the retreat, participants meet at the Middle Way and travel together to the centre in Loei. Courses are offered at both beginner and intermediate levels, so whether you have years of meditation experience or are just curious about this ancient Buddhist practice, you have a place at Suan Pa Himawan. To reserve a spot in a retreat, visit



      The Middle Way practiced here is a form of Buddhism known as Dhammakaya. The main temple of that Buddhist sect is in Bangkok, drawing crowds of faithfuls. Dhammakaya is a Pali word meaning Enlightenment, coming from Dhamma( truth) and Kaya (body).



      Taking "time-out" from your daily life to focus inward can be done in many temples offering meditation courses in Thailand. Specific to Dhammakaya is a "seven-day spiritual rehab" course, tailor-made for foreigners.


How To Get There

      Since only registered guests are allowed on the Suan Pa Himawan premises, participants will meet at the Middle Way Bangkok office. From Bangkok’s Mo Chit BTS Station, take Phahonyothin Rd approximately 30 km to KhlongLuang Rd, or tell a cab driver to go to “WatPhraDhammakaya”.


Tel : (+66) – 82 – 3333 - 082