Green Attraction

Up and Above at eco-friendly Okura Prestige


          As Vogue's "September Issue" sets the stage for the fashion world, our green product for September is, by all means, no less fashionable. As rain begins to subside, roof top bars with stunning Bangkok skylines are brought back to life and revelers are always on a constant search for something new as Bangkok offers not only one but many skylines from different corners of the city. 

          The latest addition is "Up and Above" which not only asks you to literally go up and breath the fresh air above the city, it is also the name of the open-air bar, hung on the 24th floor of newly opened and the very first "Okura Prestige" of the Okura Hotels & Resorts Group right in the heart of Bangkok. Located within Park Ventures Ecoplex, Bangkok's latest architectural icon, Okura Prestige Bangkok benefits from a range of functional and energy-efficient technologies. 

          The strikingly bold building exterior that encompasses the unique "Wai"...greeting gesture that also characterizes Thai's hospitable nature...utilized low-E coated glass, light balancing sensors, grey water recycling and CO2 sensors during the construction and is matched by calm interiors. Furthermore the internal engineering systems are controlled by the Building Automation System (BAS) and stylishly covered by a simple and smart aesthetic. Warm amber tones are played against rich woods whereas the texture of rough stone and delicate chagrin surfaces create a serene yet sophisticated ambience where quality materials take center stage. 

          Service-wise, Okura Prestige Bangkok adds Thai touch to the Japanese spirit of 'Wa' or harmony in providing guests with a genuinely welcoming environment and somewhat reminiscent of the experience they once received in Tokyo where every employee would carry a memo pad inked with the Japanese word 'Wa' in the handwriting of the hotel's former president Iwajiro Noda, reminding all staff members to treat guests with harmony and kindness. 

          The unique design of this eco-friendly building also allows Okura Prestige to house a cantilevered 25-meter salt water swimming pool, a picturesque architectural feature of this iconic Park Venture Ecoplex, which is a big hit among guests who come to relax, take a dip or even cool off after a work-out in the adjacent fitness center, enjoying probably one of the best pool views in Bangkok. Few steps away from the pool and you are in touch with nature at Elements, another dining outlet where 'modern logical cuisine' utilizing the freshest available products based upon the four elements of earth, water, fire and air are prepared in an open-kitchen setting and served to the discerning diners. 

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