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Ban Bat community in Bangkok is considered as the ancient community of craftsmen who making Bat (the large bowl the monk carries). These bowls have remained the same design for generations since Ayutthaya period.

“I have continued making bat from the parent’s generation. The villagers were from Ayutthaya. We had separated from the group of craftsmen and settled down here to make only the Bat. Nowadays, only five stores left. To make a Bat requires many craftsmen who lives in the community, but for welder I am the only one.” said Mr. Amorn, the only welder in community.
The bowl, which is made of iron, is one ofmonk’s eight belongings. Here, it is designed correctly, according to Buddhist’s law. The bowl is made in 8 pieces that are hammered into shape and held together by a metal rim.

There are mainly three shapes; traditional Thai shape which the bottom is quite angular, lime-like shape which the bottom is quite flat, and gold apple-like shape which is like the lime-like one but the rim is smaller.
Ban Bat community, Bamrung Mueang Road, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, Bangkok 10100

Tel. 086-104-9639, 099-224-7864

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