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Ban Huai Hom Village’s Homestay

Mae Hong Son

Ban Huai HomVillage’sHomestay is located at Moo 1 Tambon Huai Hom, Mae Lanoi District, Mae Hong Son. It is Karen’s village and was founded by Gro Bo and Ae Po more than 200 years ago or about seven generations. Nowadays, there are 58 families. Most of them are Christian, living simply and harmoniously with nature.

Ban Huai Hom can be locally called “Sor ti” or “Sor Pi” which mean a little chicken ghost. According to their ancestors, the village was founded 170 ago. It is situated on the mountainous terrain in the national reserved forest. Houses’ parts are tied together with rattan and mostly made of bamboos. There is only one room inside with fireplace in the center for cooking. There is also a barn close to the house andRice mortar, which can be used by neighbors, below the house.
King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit went here three times. They donated articles and sheep’s breed to villagers and also told them to preserve and take care of natural resources, especially water sources and forest.

-  enjoy scenery of rice terraces.
- visit Arabica coffee fields and taste the good quality coffee form Ban Huai Hom.
- learn how to waivewool and cotton dyed naturally.
-   visit cotton waiving group and purchase souvenirs at Lawa cotton waiving learning center, Development Center of Mae Lanoi Royal Project
- Tee Le Lay Waterfall, situated between Ban Huai Hom and Ban Du La Per. It is 10 km away from Development Center of Mae Lanoi Royal Project and has 5 levels, surrounded by spectacular nature.
- taste locals’ passion fruit.
- visit handmade silverware at Ban La Oop
- Pay respect for Dhammikaraj Buddha’s relics at La Oop village, 3 km away from the center.

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