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Ko Klang, Amphoe Mueang, Krabi

Sang Yot rice farming makes a significant contribution to Ko Klang’s economy and even though this rice variety originated from Phatthalung province, Sang Yot rice produced at Ko Klang has a distinctive flavour that differs from that cultivated in its origin. The saltwater that surrounds the island provides the soil in the rice paddies with a high salinity content, creating a unique salty taste to the rice. Using a traditional rice farming method, the farmers at Ko Klang grow Sang Yot rice organically and therefore produce high quality and chemical-free rice. Sang Yot rice is very nutritious, as it contains antioxidants and is high in fibre. Once cooked, the long and slim grains with a dark red colour become fragrant and delicious. Sang Yot rice was traditionally cooked only during special occasions or given as a souvenir for important guests, but nowadays it is consumed by the locals as well as health-conscious people who have learned of its excellent quality.


Sang Yot Rice Farming

Visitors can learn about the time-honoured rice farming tradition while helping the farmers in the rice fields. During the ricegrowing season, visitors can help hand-plant the rice seedlings, one by one, into the paddies. If visited during the harvesting

Shallow Water Fishing

Shallow water fishing at Ko Klang is done when the fishermen place a giant V-shaped fish trap in the sea, where the fish will be caught in the dense fishing nets at the base of the trap during high tide. Once the water recedes, the fishermen walk to the f

Clam Digging

Another unique experience when visiting Ko Klang is to join the locals in the clam digging activity. Clam digging takes place on the beach at low tide, and diggers carry a bucket in one hand and a shovel or a wood dowel in the other. All they need is just

Mangrove Reforestation

The locals work hard together to conserve the mangrove swamps, which play a valuable role in the coastal ecosystem of Ko Klang. Visitors can enjoy kayaking to explore the biodiversity of mangrove forests, as well as help the local community by planting th

Example of a Daily Schedule

  • Eco Escape Package
  • Day 1
  • Morning
  • : Arrive at Ko Klang.
  • Afternoon
  • : Clam digging activity.
  • Day 2
  • .
  • Morning
  • : Rice farming activity.
  • Afternoon
  • : Mangrove reforestation activity and kayak through the mangrove forest.
  • Day 3
  • .
  • Morning
  • : Shallow water fishing activity.
  • Afternoon
  • : Explore the island on a bike.
  • Remark: The above programme is only an example of what is to be expected and is subject to change, depending on the weather conditions and other circumstances

Contact Information

  • Islanda Eco Village Resort
  • 177 Mu 3, Tambon Khlong Prasong, Amphoe Mueang, Krabi 81000
  • Tel. +668 3636 7887