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  Green hotel

Eco Resort Chiang Mai



Eco Resort Chiang Mai creatively reinvented the simplicity of the hostel concept of budget travellers, backpacker and nature lovers who look for a place of true relaxation and shared experiences. Baan Klang Thung, ‘the house among the paddy fields’ was once the name of this house that sits on 3 acres (7.5 rai) of never-ending plains of rice fields. Each morning, farmers would balance on their shoulders baskets full of local produce plucked fresh from the fields to sell at the local San Pa Koi Market. Seldom would the odd rickshaw or bicycle pass by. The clanking of ox bells and the rickety sound of worn cart wheels became part of the music of nature, as farmers with heavy loads stopped by and sold their produce at the markets along the way.

  109 Bumrungrad Rd. Watkate, Muang Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

   +66 (0) 53 247 111