Green Story

Travel advice for green-hearted tourists

Travelling the ecotourism way is holistic. As a tourist with a green heart, every part of your journey can make positive impacts environmentally, culturally and economically. The more you put into your trip, the more you get out of it. Here are guidelines of several little things you can do before, during and after your visit to show your awareness and responsibilities.   

Before setting off

·         Educate yourself about the destination. You can find out about historical background, customs and culture from guidebooks. Learn the basics of the local language, so you will be appreciated by locals.
·         Thoroughly research your tour operators on the basis of their eco principles and practices. You’d better ask how your itinerary involve the local communities and their economic activities.
·         Consider the mode of transportation that has a small carbon footprint. Air travel emits a considerably large amount of greenhouse gases, along with heat and noise.
·         Pack some clothes, water filters or learning materials, if you head to underprivileged areas and want to improve their wellbeing.