Experience the charms of Phuket Old Town, a hub of classical architecture 

Phuket is one of many provinces in Thailand which is popular with both international and domestic tourists and visitors should not miss out on its charming old town area, which is packed with architectural splendour, classic, eye-catching buildings and colourful walls adorned with funky street art. 

At present, Phuket is open and ready to welcome domestic and international tourists who are looking to immerse themselves in its charms. So get ready, pack those bags and let’s travel! 

As well as these majestic, atmospheric images of the old town,  we are proud to present a comprehensive list of safe and hygienic tourist spots which have already been SHA certified. Check them out below! 

✅My Beach Resort Phuket 

✅Avista Hideaway Patong 

✅Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong 

✅Banana Beach Koh Hey 

✅Three Monkeys Restaurant 

Tu Kab Khaw

Kopi De Phuket 

✅Torry’s ice cream 

✅Three Monkeys Restaurant 

Piset Restaurant 

Hom*mes Cafe


✅Dibuka Cafe&Restaurant

✅Good Cafe Phuket 

Khanomjean Sapan Hin 

Esan Bar 

Chomchun restaurant

✅Day & Night Of Phuket 

This is just a small selection of hot spots that have been SHA certified, to see the full list simply click https://www.thailandsha.com/  

💁🏻‍♀️Please kindly take precautions while traveling. Social distancing is imperative and please wear a mask if you’re in a crowded space. Also, do not forget to wash your hands often. 

👉🏻Take care and stay safe.😷

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