Take a trip to Saphan Khong floating market. 🐟

Walk among the giant fishing traps and check out the unique way of life of this waterside community in Suphanburi. Shop, savour the local treats and soak up the atmosphere on an iconic wooden bridge.🌳

💦Saphan Khong floating market is located in Song Phi Nong district, Suphan Buri. The locals have created a unique area which acts as a marketplace for their products as well as a bustling tourist attraction. The rural waterside atmosphere is enchanting and even on blazing summer days, a cool, refreshing breeze blows across the fields. So check out the vast array of produce, help out the local community and stroll along the rustic bamboo bridge whilst soaking up your surroundings. 👍

🌞The market’s trademark and most distinctive feature are its giant fishing traps which have been fashioned from bamboo trees by the local community. These eye-catching landmarks not only look great, but also reflect the lifestyle of the locals and their close relationship with the waterways that flank them. The water’s surface is scattered with green morning glory shoots and leaves, which makes it even more striking when viewed from above. 🌿

🍛Merchants at the market offer up a diverse selection of tempting food and beverages, including “Som Tum” Papaya Salad, Yuan style noodles, Thai sweets and herbal drinks and the market is open on Saturday and Sunday only. If you and your friends have some free time, why not experience the atmosphere, the friendly smiles of the merchants and the tasty treats on offer at Saphan Khong. 😊

Saphan Khong Market, Song Phi Nong district, Suphan Buri 

Location :  https://goo.gl/maps/LUo82Re4bir

📞 TAT Call Center 1672 เบอร์เดียวเที่ยวทั่วไทย








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