Thailand has a lot of potential in nature tourism, which is beautiful and can encourage innumerable tourists to visit no matter if it’s the Andaman coast, the Gulf of Thailand, various large and small islands, or renowned mountain peaks. But if you’re an adventure tourist who likes a new strange thrill, we have numerous activities for you to choose from; such as, deep sea diving, paragliding, zip lining, etc. Today, we’ll present a green adventure activity, which we think is fun as well as you can learn and take the new knowledge to use as a benefit. This is “free diving” or diving without anything.

“Free diving” is maybe a marine activity that is not really well-known when compared with scuba diving (diving with breathing apparatus), but is becoming popular among many tourists. This is because it’s an activity that can be done anywhere and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. With only a mask, you can experience the underwater world without relying on an oxygen tank. But we must strictly know the method for breathing correctly as well as behaviour and warning signs of various dangers, so to learn free diving correctly. It’s also important to learn from an expert or a school that has accreditation for the safety of the students.   

Learning the breathing techniques properly and the buddy system is extremely important in diving because divers must have a buddy when they dive each time.  You should never dive alone. In any case, breathing properly will help us dive for a long time and safely from danger. We’ll experience the increased beauty with slow movements like being relaxed that will help absorb the atmosphere and be free. The peace with the excitement and attractiveness of the nature ahead will make you fall easily in love with the underwater world. After we learn about breathing and can breathe correctly, with this technique, we can use it anywhere we want. This is a skill that is beneficial and valuable. It’s an investment that can use this knowledge to preserve the environment as well; for example, diving to collect garbage or to survey natural resources. Regardless if it’s diving with equipment or not, the important thing that divers must be aware is don’t touch, kick, damage, or keep any marine creatures and bring them up onto the land because this will destroy the ecology of the sea and the natural resources.

Ko Tao, Surat Thani province is a place to learn scuba diving and free diving, as it’s known as a top location of the world. The unspoiled nature including the tuition fees and living expenses that are not expensive makes tourists from all over the world come to learn together.

If you’re a tourist that likes privacy, then Ko Lanta is one of the best places to choose. But if you come as a group with your friends, you might want to learn free diving, but you have another choice that you can learn free diving and do many other activities at Phuket province. This is because the adventure activities and tourist attractions are very interesting and you can also travel conveniently.

Free diving isn’t only an adventure tourism activity that creates excitement, but makes you have a new challenging experience. It’s also an activity that opens up opportunities for you to preserve the environment, too. If you’re a tourist with a green heart and looking for a new activity that is thrilling and increases your skills, then try free diving as another activity in your next trip. Come on challenge your ability!