Traveling is everyone desires . Some of traveller are seeking for the new experience not only the destination that they are concerned about how beautiful it is but also the new experience that makes destination is more valuable and memorable moreover the opportunity to explore the new things which is more important than material things.

Today we would like to introduce a new option to make traveling is more interesting which allow you to feel , to eat , to meet , to try new thing that you have never done it before and it is also an advantageous. It is  “ volunteer traveling “ The purpose of volunteer traveling is not only to visit the tourist destination and keep the memories in the pictures but also going there for getting and sharing the good experiences that you cannot get from ordinary traveling. Volunteers can join in every age, gender, or religion. Traveling both with the group and on your own is fun and very safe. The volunteers are willing to get to know new people and have the like-minded purpose to make society better. You can join them all year round and there are various activities from the mountain to the sea. Let your preference be your guide, we will have a fitting project to suit your needs. By far we are introducing one of the most interesting activities that let you are able to join in on weekend . Are you ready? Let’s go!

Reforestation,Salk licking,Building soil houses with Baan Din Thai Volunteer network

Reforestation and Building soil houses project of Baan Din Thai volunteer Network is held and cooperated with  Phachee Wildlife Sanctuary Suanphung district Ratchaburi province you can either drive to the camp by yourself if you would like to take time for transporting and traveling after finished the camp or take the provided shuttle bus which will cost a little extra money to get there if you are not comfortable to drive or traveling on your own . It is very convenient to meet up at Soi Rangnam King power for getting more information how to get there via directly contact with Baan Din Thai volunteer network.

It takes about 3 hours to get to Phachee Wildlife Sanctuary when you get there The volunteers will be divided into groups to participate  in icebreaking games before doing the first mission which is trekking through the forest to find the new place for reforestation by using slingshot to plant Afzelia (doussie) down to the hill which is really challenging and everyone loves it. If you are good at shooting slingshot trust me you name will be remembered for the rest of the camp time.

Afterward the volunteers will make the Salk licking pond for wild animals. They have to make a big pond closed to the natural water source so it will be easy for animals to reach them, put fertility treatment and calcium then cover up the pond with soil. The benefit of Salk licking is in case of lacking calcium from natural sources  the animals can survive by drinking some water in the pond that the volunteers made it for them. There are many kind of animals that need them from the fawns to the elephants. The volunteers will change off the duties and it is a chance to get to know everyone in the group after finishing the second mission the volunteers will take a break and it is time to relax in the waterfall and have a good time with new friends before dinner. If you are good at cooking It is your time to show off a little bit  and make your team are full of energy to beat the others for campfire activities at night

In the next morning day after absorbing fresh air in the middle of the Wildlife Sanctuary (friendly reminder (it’d better prepare yourself a sleeping bag because it is cold and foggy) the volunteers will build soil house which is really entertaining and very proud to make it (who knows that we are seriously making the house from soil)  they will do various duties depend on their interesting and skills such as transferring soil from natural resources ,make it sticky by mixing with water then stumbling , transferring rocks from the river in order to make soil stick together, transferring the wet soil to build up the wall etc. the volunteers are able to rotate to the other sections to learn from practical experience which is very delightful.

If you are passionate and interesting about the new option of traveling with a lot of new activities that will let you be more socially responsible

what are you waiting for???

Let’s pack up and go explore new destinations through volunteering. It is truly unique to get new experiences, to open your point of view, to impress and be impressed by what you are going to make happen for the environment, society, and education. (Not to mention all the unique photo opportunities!) The memories and impact of volunteer traveling will last forever, in more than just the pictures.


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