If I say that I’ve arrived at Paet Rio, many people might think what is Paet Rio? Where is it? But if you ask about Chachoengsao province, they will actually shout.  “Paet Rio” is the name given by the people instead of Chachoengsao province, and why do they call it this name? Today, we’ll take you to know the answer why Chachoengsao province is called Paet Rio, and what interesting tourist attractions you should see.

The name “Paet Rio” comes from the abundance of striped snakehead fish in the Bang Prakong River, which is known as a renowned product of Chachoengsao. This is because of the natural abundance and large size that can be divided into eight large parts. The local people, thus, call Chachoengsao as Paet Rio.

Paet Rio or Chachoengsao is about 1 hour from Bangkok if driving by car or 1½ hours by public transport, or if anyone wants to chill, they can go by train in which they’ll have a chic experience at a reasonable price as well.

At Paet Rio, there is a sacred Buddha image called Luangpho Sothon at Wat Sothonwararam, which is the heart of the people of Chachoengsao and highly respected by people all over Thailand. There are also well-known souvenirs like Nam Dok Mai mango and desserts. For tourists who would like to experience the local people’s way of life, an interesting tourist attraction that shouldn’t be missed is the 100-year-old Khlong Suan Market. It’s an old community that has various cultures including Chinese, Thai Muslims, and Thai Buddhists. The old atmosphere of the shops of many decades ago still look the same and haven’t changed. The Khlong Suan Market’s charm is the valuable architecture of each building with their aura of the reign of King Rama V the Great together with the old atmosphere as well as the way of life and contemporary era of more than 100 years ago in which we can experience real life. In coming here, you can try ancient-style noodles and various kinds of Thai desserts at a price that is comfortable on the pocket. This is a market that has still remained  intact to this day. There is also a small museum that tells about the riverine way of life that is very interesting.

Next to the Khlong Suan Market, don’t miss another ancient market that has existed together with the people of Paet Rio and is near the city. This is the 100-year-old Ban Mai Riverside Market, which is far from the Chachoengsao Railway Station and the Bus Terminal, but it’s only open on holidays and weekends.  The interesting thing of this market is the traditional way of life, and the wooden shop houses by the riverbank are in the old style. Even though some shops have been modified, the classic look has still been maintained and is suitable for those people who are passionate about the classic style and like to take lots of photos.


At the Ban Mai Riverside Market, you can take a boat to see the view and way of life of the local people living along the Bang Prakong River. On the return trip, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs because there are numerous delicious delights for you to buy; such as, Khanom Thung Thong, old-styles noodles, salted boiled fish, fresh vegetables, preserved fruit, fruit compotes, various desserts, etc. It can be said that coming to the Ban Mai Riverside Market, you can eat and try things, but never will get it right.

Chachoengsao, a small city that’s full of the beautiful way of life, culture, and nature, is not only a bypass. There are still many tourist attractions that we could recommend, but it would be better if you come to experience Paet Rio for yourself.  If on this holiday, you want to travel to somewhere nearby but quiet, then make Paet Rio one of your choices.