Ban Laem Klat Community

Come and experience the sea gypsies’ lifestyle, catch shrimps, fish and crabs and enjoy local delicacies in the Ban Laem Klat community. This formerly remote area was a notorious hideout for bandits until King Rama V graciously ordered his court officials to organize and preside over the area, hence the original name “Laem Trat” (literally the cape of command), which later became “Laem Klat”.

The lengthy coastal stretch and the mangrove forest here are       the sources where local villagers catch fish and other seafood to make their living. For such richness and abundance of natural reserves to be maintained it takes strict conservational policies and means of using natural resources without completely depleting them. The locals are aware of this and as a result, they practice local fishing methods that do not overly damage the ecosystem and take steps to sustain this abundant mangrove forest as a nursery ground for the countless species of marine animal who call it home for future generations to enjoy.

Tourists can pick up a conscious mindset from spending time in this community, one which implants the values of conservation and a healthy respect for nature and also supports a harmonious coexistence between humans and their surroundings. The various fun activities to explore here range from local fishery activities like creating a traditional bamboo trap for crabs and shellfish, joining a cruise to observe the mangrove forest and its twinkling fireflies at night, planting mangrove forests, unrolling artificial seagrass as a food source for juvenile marine animals, freeing crabs and touring the Blue Swimming Crab Bank Learning Center. A visit between October and April comes with an increased chance of spotting graceful Irrawaddy dolphins and some wild looking multi-colored jellyfish. Visitors can also experience home stay accommodation with local villagers and delightful fresh seafood for dinner.

Highlight Activities

  • Pencil in a trip between October and April to greet Irrawaddy dolphins and colourfuljellyfish.
  • Experience a local fisherman’s lifestyle and create a traditional bamboo trap for crabs and mollusks.
  • Try some homestay accommodation, enjoy local savouries and watch the fireflies flicker into the night.

Best Time to Visit

  • All year round (Moon Jellyfish appear from October to November each year, for an  average of 20 to 30 days. This occurs around the end of the rainy season and the  beginning of the cool season. (6 a.m.-11 a.m.). Finless Irrawaddy Dolphins (Irrawaddy Dolphins) appear from February to May (8 a.m.-10 a.m.).

Nearby Attractions

  • Lansai Beach, Laem Klat (Map)

  • Ko Pee Aroi Mai Ru Lao (Map)

    เวลา 07.30-18.00 น.

  • Wilai Punim Chao Kao restaurant (Map)

    เวลา 10.00-22.00 น.

  • Saphan Hin Waterfall (Map)

  • Khlong Saphan Hin Reservoir (Map)

  • Khlong Son Beach (Map)


Laem Klat Municipality

  • 08 7834 8250, 0 3958 4233, 08 9936 1198

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