Ban Noen Kho

Back when Ban Noen Kho had to face severely polluted water and saline soil problems which left most local villagers unable to make a living,   it was the will and determination of the locals, who reunited to rehabilitate marine and coastal resources via environmentally friendly methods that brought prosperity back to this fishing village. Visitors here will uncover intriguing stories on how the locals managed to reverse such appalling conditions and lovingly transform their community into a place where       they can make a living again and create stable futures for themselves. As individuals they possessed little power or authority and could do little to stop the imminent crisis, but through cooperation and commitment they were able to do just that and breathe new life into their perishing community.

At Ban Noen Kho, travelers can slip into the role of a local fisherman and help return marine animals to the ocean as part of several interesting projects. There’s the crab bank project, for instance, which releases crabs back into their natural habitat for further propagation, the fish-home building, and the building of artificial coral-reef as a nursery ground for small marine animals. During the trip, travellers can also invest in Noen Kho’s highlight local products like reed mats, shrimp paste and fish sauce.

Highlight Activities

  • Experience the life of a local fisherman, breed marine animals and release them back into the ocean.
  • Join activities that help restore environmental balance, like building homes for fish and artificial coral-reefs.
  • Support famous local products including reed mats, shrimp paste and fish sauce.

Best Time to Visit

  • All seasons
  • Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Center, The Eastern Gulf of Thailand 8.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m.

Nearby Attractions

  • Raksamae Bridge (Map)

  • Thung Kha Beach (Map)

  • Ban Chamrung Sufficiency Economy Learning Center (Map)

  • Laem Son National Park (Map)

    เวลา 08.00-16.30 น.

  • Tung Prong Thong Mangrove Forest Boardwalk (Map)

    เวลา 06.00-19.00น.


Tambon Noen Kho Municipality Office

  • 0 3803 7611-12


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