Rayong Botanical Garden

Rayong Botanical Garden is a 3,800-rai (6,080,000 sqm) wetland area with a diverse collection of rare native and endangered plants. Established as a learning and research center that gathers together an impressive collection of plant species found in the eastern regions and further afield in Thailand, it disseminates knowledge to the general public to help them understand the significance of the conservation of wetlands and just why they are vital to us.

The vital role of wetlands is to prevent coastal erosion and inland invasion of sea water, which in turn, has a considerable impact on the well-being and livelihood of local villagers. Therefore, having a chance to visit and learn about the natural conservation of wetlands is another step towards local security and sustainability development in terms of natural resources both on land and in the ocean. When everyone understands this sustainable approach and realizes its potential, the future of natural resource conservation will look even more promising.

Other than learning and realizing the importance of wetland conservation, visitors can also enjoy being among nature on both land and water by taking a forest boat tour or a relaxing walk. Many prefer riding       a flatboat to Sam Nak Yai Wetland or Nong Cha Rung to observe both native and migratory birds such as Oriental Darters, Asian Openbills and Teals or to witness Phae Ya Nang Ma, multi-layered grass patches that grow as tall as a person as well as various lotus species. The highlight area, the “1000 Year Old Melaleuca Forest Wetland” harbors Cajuput and Red Gelum trees, whose impressive forms are reflected in the water’s surface. Moreover, visitors can hop over to a nearby island and bike or kayak their way around it, admiring the lush natural surroundings.

Highlight Activities

  • Learn about the ecosystems that nurture a wide range of wildlife.
  • Cruise on a flatboat to Sam Nak YaiWetland or Nong Cha Rung to spot native and migratory birds.
  • Witness exotic plants such as Phae Ya Nang Ma and various types of lotus flowers.
  • Choose an eco-friendly path by biking or kayaking to admire nature.

Best Time to Visit

  • All year round. Open every day from 8.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m.
  • In May of every year, there is a Fruit and Products of Rayong Festival. The venue will rotate between Amphoe Mueang and Amphoe Klaeng.

Nearby Attractions

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Rayong Botanical Garden, National Wetland, Samnak Yai Marsh

  • Mu 2, Tambon Chakphong, Amphoe Klaeng, Rayong

  • 0 3863 8981

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