Travellers can give something to nature and get something wonderful back in turn at Bamboo School, a destination that serves as a school, hospital, and a sanctuary for deprived and abandoned children. Located in the Bong Ti Community in a valley on the Thai-Myanmar border, this is a place where visitors and children can work together and learn to make the most of what they have. There is also the opportunity to increase knowledge of the environment by taking part in constructing housing near the school.

Initially, founder Catherine Ruth Riley-Bryan was inspired to dedicate herself to taking care of children of different races with the hope of transforming children “waiting to be rescued” into children who believe in “going out there” to rescue others. She would find the individual skills and talents of each child and guide them on the right path. Her dedication saw the project grow from one child to dozens and there are currently over 70 students at Bamboo School, with many of their alumni attending universities. Hundreds have graduated and become English teachers, doctors, nurses and emergency ambulance staff across the country and some have even found employment abroad.

Furthermore, this place teaches children to build houses from bamboo and Ecobricks. Used plastic bottles are collected, tightly stuffed with non-recyclable waste materials such as coffee sachets, snack bags, plastic bags and plastered with mortar to act as walls and stairway structures instead of traditional bricks. This project has successfully taught children to recognize the value of things, even items that have been labelled as “waste”. Thus, the children have become a significant driving force in reducing environmental problems and establishing sustainability on our planet. Any visitor to Bamboo School will also be able to learn and realize such precious lessons.

Bamboo School welcomes travellers in search of a new inspiration to come and learn, surround themselves with nature and take part in sustainable environment conservation. The school also warmly welcomes volunteers with a mindset that makes them ready to become a part of community development and contribute to a greater good with tasks like building the library, developing teaching and learning instructions and supporting local medical work.

Highlight Activities 

  • Observe the first location in Thailand with houses that use Ecobricks.
  • Help build the library for learning purposes and support local medical works linked with Bamboo School.
  • Become both a provider and a receiver by embracing this new type of tourism.

Visiting Hours

  • Bamboo School is a Christian orphanage located on the Thai border. Please contact Catherine via email or phone call before visiting.  *Inquire about visiting hours via email
  • October to February is recommended, avoid the rainy season (March to November) due to the increased number of mosquitos and high risk of malaria infection.
  • Going outside the village compound is prohibited from 9.30 p.m.

Nearby Attraction

  • Sai Yok Noi Waterfall (Khao Phang Waterfall)  (Map)

  • The Death Railway   (Map)

  • Pang Chang Sai Yok  (Map)

    Visiting Hours 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

  • Ban Samakkeetham Reservoir, a popular getaway for locals with some impressive scenery  (Map)

  • Mueang Sing Historical Park   (Map)

    Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Bamboo School 

  • Tambon Bong Ti, Amphoe Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi 71150

  • 08 5290 6652


  • BamBoo School Family


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