Thung Prong Thong @ Rayong Province

Take a shortcut to the heart of nature and find yourself surrounded by a sea of golden trees at the mouth of a mangrove forest.

This golden woodland at the mouth of a mangrove forest offers 360 degree panoramic views of the surroundings as well as incredibly fresh air. Budding photographers will relish the chance to get some great nature shots and visitors can take a shortcut along the wooden walkway and delve into a mangrove forest which is teeming with life. 💛

🌱Thung Prong Thong is a nature trail through the largest mangrove forest in Rayong, eastern Thailand. The 2 kilometre long wooden walkway takes visitors through an area which is brimming with diverse flora and fauna on both sides. Apart from being an area of stunning natural beauty and abundance, it also acts as a nursery for local marine wildlife. 🐟

🌿The undoubted highlight though, is the stunning mangrove field where the canopy walkway becomes surrounded on all sides by densely-packed, loft mangrove trees in shades of gold, yellow and green. Fans of nature and eco-tourism can’t afford to miss out on this unforgettable gem on Thailand’s east coast. ✨

🚘Thung Prong Thong, Klaeng district, Rayong 

Location :

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