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Sukhothai province is located in the lower northern region area of Thailand. It was once the centre of an empire, which reached its peak more than seven centuries ago. Most of the area is lowland, with the Yom River flowing through it from north to south. Stone inscriptions from the time of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great imply that the local people were mainly engaged in diverse agricultural practices, and enjoyed plenty of fish in the water and rice in the fields, earning it the name of Sukhothai, the ‘Dawn of Happiness.’

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Wat Phra Phai Luang and Wat Si Chum

Start the visit to Sukhothai province by familiarising yourself with the city at the Sukhothai Historical Park. Almost all historical sites here face East and the soft morning sun projects its golden rays over ancient bricks, turning them into beautiful glowing light brown structures.

Si Satchanalai Historical Park

From the royal capital of Sukhothai, we travel to Si Satchanalai, the city of the viceroy or the princely city, also known as Twin Cities and Si Satchanalai Sukhothai as stated on stone inscriptions. The city prospered alongside Sukhothai, famous for the production of Sangkhalok ceramics as shown by groups of Thuriang kilns, an ancient Sangkhalok kiln site along the bank of the Yom River in Ban Ko Noi, Amphoe Si Satchanalai

Organic Agriculture Project at Sukhothai Airport

This morning presents the opportunity to become farm hand trainees at the Organic Agriculture Project at Sukhothai Airport. The day starts with donning traditional farming indigo clothes and a ride on a modified farm tractor to view and take part in the activities of the Outdoor Classroom. Officials provide lectures on organic agriculture in a hall complete with exhibits of the origin of the project and displays of rice varieties developed by the project.