Land of Promise and Friendship, Natural Beauty on the Mountain Ridges, Small Houses by the Mekong River and the Unique Tai Dam Culture


Located in the upper Northeastern region of Thailand, Loei possesses beautiful natural surroundings and cool weather, as well as rich culture and folk beliefs. This low-carbon tour focuses on culture, customs, and tradition, conserving folk practices, such as the making of Phi Ta Khon masks, engaging in the Pha Sat Loi Khro rite, and painting Phi Khon Nam masks.

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Phi Ta Khon Museum

The trip starts in Dan Sai, famous for the Phi Ta Khon Festival, which takes place in the seventh lunar month or June to pay homage to spirits that help protect the town. The Phi Ta Khon procession is held to induce seasonal rains and the fertility of the land and has become known around the world.  

Dan Sai Cycling for Health Club

This morning our route heads the Dan Sai Cycling for Health Club, from where a team of local cyclists leads visitors on a low-carbon tour along the Spirit of Dan Sai cycling trail. The ride starts off by cycling past Chaopho Kuan’s House, into Ban Doen Village, where residents are preparing for the Bun Luang event and Phi Ta Khon Festival.

Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary

Enjoy clean air early in the morning, by taking a stroll in the green rice fields, and greeting the buffaloes at work. After a pleasant breakfast, move on to the Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary, only 45 minutes from Phuruarounmai Resort.

Song Phi Nong Khao Lam Shop

Day 4 starts early—at 5 o’clock—for tourists to join the locals in their alms-giving. The local practice involves putting tiny balls of steamed glutinous rice into the monk’s alms-bowls – no other food or money. Alms-givers must be neatly dressed during the event. Other items of food are later presented by the people at the temple after the morning alms-rounds.