Responsible tourism route at Baan Huay Hee

Amazing Green Route Green route
  • Baan Huay Hee is one of the oldest White Karen communities in Thailand. It is located 35 kilometres east of Mae Hong Son and is accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle.


  • Baan Huay Hee offers a full-day tour programme, which involves trekking for about 3 kilometres to Doi Pui, a 1,722 metre high mountain. The trail from the village to the summit is surrounded by protected forest that was once used for crop rotation. Many wild orchids, which are in bloom during March and April, can be seen in the area. The villagers have set up a camping area for tourists so they can rest in a tent for the night before trekking to the summit.


  • It takes 1.5–2 hours to trek to the summit of Doi Pui in the morning.
  • It takes 2.5–3 hours to go back to the village. The route passes through rainforest and dry evergreen forest, as well as some interesting places such as the wild orchid conservation area and the place where villagers found the wreckage of an aircraft.
  • Once you are back at the village, you will meet the White Karen family and learn how they produce handwoven cloth and naturally dyed cloth. After that, the tour returns to Mae Hong Son.