Responsible tourism route at Baan Pha Mon

Amazing Green Route Green route
  • Baan Pha Mon is one of the oldest Red Lahu communities in Thailand. It is located 72 kilometers northeast of Mae Hong Son.


  • Baan Pha Mon offers a full-day tour programme, which involves visiting limestone mountains and watching farmers at work.


  • In the morning, you can enjoy the scenery as you drive on a mountain road for 1.5–2 hours, then visit fields planted with crops and have lunch in a farmer’s hut.
  • In the afternoon, the tour heads back to the village, where you can experience local beliefs in animism and visit the Red Lahu women who make traditional handwoven cloth. After that, the tour goes back to Mae Hong Son.


  • From June to November, you can participate in activities such as rice planting and rice harvesting.




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