The Route of Mae Fa Luang Town to Sufficiency Agriculture to the Arabica Coffee Empire of Thailand Chiang Rai Province

Chiang Rai is the northernmost province of Thailand and is characterised by lofty mountains, lush forestlands, and serene waterways, with human settlements on the hilltops and flatlands in the valleys.

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Doi Tung Development Project

The route starts at the royal project Doi Tung Development Project, an initiative of tree planting in which the people and forests grow together.

Doi Tung Royal Villa

First on our schedule is the Doi Tung Royal Villa, built with the Princess Mother’s personal funds as her home and office for the Doi Tung Development Project. The Villa is a simple design of Lanna architecture with elements of a Swiss chalet that gives the feel of the original royal residence, Villa Vadhana, in Switzerland.

Prince Chakraband Pensiri Centre for Plant Development

Our destination this morning is the Prince Chakraband Pensiri Centre for Plant Development. Here we view the origins of high quality local plant seeds full of excellent food nutrients, experience various agricultural techniques, and visit agricultural plots of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standard.

Fine Seedlings, Trees of the Future

This morning, we leave the city area of Chiang Rai and climb to 1,700 metres above sea level, penetrating the blanketing fog to reach Tambon Wawi, Mae Suai district. Here we find Doi Chang, a hill covered with coffee plants.