The Route to a Touch of Natural Living in the Lanna Kingdom and the Local Journey at the Mountainous Town in the Mist

Chiang Mai - Pai

This route allows you to learn about authentic community ways. We start from Chiang Mai province at Ban Rai Kong Khing, where you can enjoy cycling in beautiful natural surroundings, view mixed agricultural gardens and experience the conservation of the local residents’ wisdom.

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Ban Rai Kong Khing Community Learning Centre

We start in Chiang Mai province at the Ban Rai Kong Khing Community Learning Centre, located at Tambon Nong Khwai in Amphoe Hang Dong. Once here, keep your minds open to learn the cultural ways regarding the conservation of local wisdom into the future.

Ban Rai Jai Sook - Ban Mae Ping - Walking Street in Pai

We start the second day of the tour by learning about Lanna woven textiles at Ban Rai Jai Sook (House of Happiness), located in Tambon Ban Waen, Amphoe Hang Dong, Chiang Mai province.

Ban Phaem Bok

A new day starts as we travel to Tambon Thung Yao, our destination being Ban Phaem Bok, named after the topographical feature of the area located on a lofty hill in the wilderness.

Yun Lai Viewpoint

This morning, we remain in Amphoe Pai and start the day by viewing the sea of morning mist at the Yun Lai Viewpoint.