Tha Le Noi Community And Pa Phai Sang Suk Market

The distinctiveness of Tha Le Noi lies in its unspoiled nature and diverse ecosystem. As aquatic plants grow they serve as a food source for fish large and small, as well as attracting flocks of various types of water bird. It’s not only animals that benefit though, as local fisherman also receive their share of food from nature, creating a balanced and beneficial food chain. Additionally. Saltmarsh Bulrush, a naturally occurring grass, is a valuable local resource for making mats and other useful products.

The charm of Tha Le Noi community tourism comes from how the community has interwoven nature’s way with their own lifestyles, leading to a simple, contented existence. During their visit, travelers will be able to experience the beauty of nature in new and profound ways via simple community activities rooted in the fundamentals of sufficiency. One example is Yok Yo, fishing with a traditional square net. Tourists can experience first hand the fisherman’s way of life as well as food preservation techniques, Saltmarsh Bushrush handicrafts, rowing, collecting lotus stems for cooking, and of course, chilling out with the friendly locals.

Pa Phai Sang Suk Market, on the other hand, is a flourishing tourist destination situated in Phatthalung province. Originally, it served as a garden and learning center for bamboo cultivation, breeding and bamboo charcoal production before being reintroduced as a travel and recreational destination with cooperation from local community members. These passionate locals helped establish the market with the pleasing concept of “Enjoy a fulfilling meal, a peaceful mind, and the simple pleasure of having enough”.

The most popular zone of the market is the local food and rare dessert zone where visitors may find Kaeng Nam Khoei (Southern Thai Fermented Fish Curry), Khao Yam Pak Tai (Southern Thai Spicy Rice Salad), Khao Nueng (Steamed Rice), Khanom Chin Kaeng Tai (Fermented Rice Vermicelli with Southern Thai Curry), Mu Satay (Pork Satay), Khao Rat Khua Nuea Hua Kha On (Spicy Beef Curry with Young Galangal Over Rice), Khao Tom Samunphrai Tao Chiao Dong Khing (Herbal Rice Soup with Pickled Ginger In Soybean Paste), Khanom Ma (Horse-Shaped Pan-Roasted Dessert with Coconut Shreds), and Khanom Sa Khu, delicious balls of Sago with pork and pandan leaf fillings. All of these delicacies are freshly prepared with natural raw ingredients that are fresh, clean and chemical-free. The zone also offers fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits and community handmade products.

Another prominent feature is its stance as a green market that reinforces a plastic bag-free campaign. It encourages both travelers to use cloth bags or baskets and vendors to use food containers made of lotus leaves, banana leaves, or other biodegradable materials instead of plastic or foam. The drinking cups are switched to bamboo cylinders or reusable cups to avoid the problem of overflowing waste. Litter receptacles may not be present in the market as it aims to raise everyone’s consciousness. Therefore, when finishing the food, travelers may ask vendors to help take care of the waste. At certain times, there are also folk performances to enjoy. It is a splendid travel destination if relaxation is your goal, especially if you are holidaying with your family and the whole vibe of this place instills a sense of pride and responsibility in new generations. Whilst visiting tourists can realize the great value of the simple, sustainable lives lived by The Phattalung people and as a result will leave with a newfound respect for them as well as not damaging the environment.

Highlight Activities

  • Learn to live simply among the serene natural surroundings according to the path of sufficiency.
  • Explore the green market, try local savouries, support local products and help conserve the community environment.

Best Time to Visit

  • February to April recommended.
  • Watch the sunrise at Khlong Pak Pra Canal at 6 a.m., lotus flowers bloom before 7 a.m.
  • Pa Pai Sang Sook Market (The Bamboo Market) Open Saturdays only, 8.30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Nearby Attractions

  • Thale Noi Viewpoint, Phatthalung   (Map)

  • Ekachai Bridge (Chalerm Phra Kiat Bridge) (แผนที่)

  • Napokae Learning Center, Amphoe Khuan Khanun   (Map)

  • Thale Noi Floating Market   (Map)

    Open only on weekends 9 a.m.-7 p.m.


Tha Le Noi Community And Pa Phai Sang Suk Market

  • Phanang Thung Municipality Office

  • 0 7468 5240


  • ชุมชนบ้านทะเลน้อย – The Thale Noi Village, Phatthalung Thailand.

  • กินดีมีสุข จ.พัทลุง

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