Ban Rachan Retro Market

Many must have heard of the legend of Bang Rachan villagers since they were young students. Today, travelers can relive the history at Ban Bang Rachan Retro Market while strolling around in a vintage atmosphere where local vendors all wear traditional costumes and sell various products including traditional and currently rare food.

Moreover, they can conveniently slip themselves into different styles of traditional Thai outfits through a costume rental service for a more indulging experience as they explore the ancient Thai surroundings, shop for community products, and take memorable pictures.

Aside from the products and costumes, this place also organizes traditional Thai folk performances such as Phleng Choi (a traditional Thai folk singing), Thai music, and a play that the heroic legend of Ban Bang Rachan villagers by young children in the community.

A visit to Ban Bang Rachan Retro Market offers a pleasant time and experiences among the vintage atmosphere as if actually traveled back in time, and also promotes a sustainable community through supporting community products and inheriting ever-fading traditions including the costumes and traditional Thai folk games. Additionally, the market features packaging or containers made of natural or biodegradable materials for products sold at the market. Last but not least, it presents a wonderful opportunity to learn the history of Ban Bang Rachan villagers who guarded the nation with their lives

Highlight Activities

  • Experience Ban Bang Rachan Community, a community with a long history.
  • Watch Khao Niao Daeng (Red Sticky Rice) molding demonstration, a local wisdom on local Thai dessert cooking.
  • Help save the environment by bringing the cloth bag or basket to shop.

Best Time to Visit

  • Open on weekends and holidays 9 a.m.-4.30 p.m.

Nearby Attractions 

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    9 a.m.-6.45 p.m.

  • Inburi National Museum   (Map)

    9 a.m.-4 p.m.

  • Wat Amphawan Luang Pho Charan   (Map)

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  • Wat Phra Non Chaksri  (Map)

    8.30 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Wat Sai  (Map)


Ban Rachan Retro Market

  • Highway 3032, Tambon Bang Rachan, Amphoe Khai Bang Rachan, Singburi 16150

  • 09 1765 6566

  • ตลาดไทยย้อนยุคบ้านระจัน

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