Khaonamphu Nature and Wildlife Education Center

No matter how good your imagination is, nothing can be as beautiful and as thrilling as witnessing a verdant forest in real life, especially those in Kanchanburi. The province is still blanketed with lush forests, abundant with wildlife and natural resources, and has even added nature study trails for travellers who love forests and care for their conservation.

Khaonamphu Nature and Wildlife Education Center is the first and only nature study centre in the form of a safari in Kanchanaburi. Its highlight is the nature study trail which winds its way through a deciduous dipterocarp forest, a mixed deciduous forest, a thornless bamboo forest and a bamboo forest. Here, visitors can learn about soil properties and examine an array of plant species and small animals while enjoying the natural beauty along the route, which includes streams and cliffside areas. The walk takes approximately three hours to complete  the circuit.

Moreover, the centre also hosts several projects for nature conservation and rehabilitation and extends an invitation to everyone to prepare their warmest smile, come down and make new friends and take part in some volunteer tourism activities with like-minded nature lovers. There are opportunities to help build a check dam for water reservation, create an artificial salt lick as a food and mineral source for wildlife, support banteng reintroduction projects, build forest fire lines and implement seed bombing to increase green spaces in the forest. These activities not only bring a sense of happiness but also demonstrate a high level of environmental responsibility and promote sustainability in tourism.

Highlight Activities

  • Learn and explore nature along the nature study trail of Khaonamphu Nature and Wildlife Education Center.
  • Join volunteer activities dedicated to forest preservation and development, for example, building check dams, creating artificial salt licks, supporting banteng reintroduction projects, building forest fire lines and seed bombing.

Best Time to Visit

  • Every day between 8 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.
  • September to October is the best season for exploring the nature trails as it is the time when nature is at its most abundant.

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Khaonamphu Nature and Wildlife Education Center 

  • 228/2 Mu 4, Tambon Tha Kradan, Amphoe Si Sadat, Kanchanaburi 71250

  • 08 9551 9835

*For those interested, please inform the education centre 15 days before the scheduled visit by sending a formal permission document.

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