Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers-Nahai Chai Learning Center

The acres of green paddy fields, traditional Thai houses, rice barns and herds of buffaloes here in Suphan Buri do not only echo the lifestyle of Thai farmers, but they also help tourists visiting the Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers-Nahai Chai Learning Center to see and experience the local wisdom of what is still Thailand’s premier industry with a clearer and deeper perspective.

Aside from the joy from traveling, a visit here also brings delight and an abundance of knowledge from exhibitions with meaningful stories. Inside, the main traditional Thai house portrays the farmers’ way of life by illustrating the atmosphere and appliances used in ancient times. Also visit a carved wooden Phra Mae Phosop statue (the Rice Goddess) in the rice panicles holding posture, which describe the ancient ceremonies that was held during the transplantation of paddy sprouts. Another traditional Thai house with a hip roof holds the cast body of knowledge regarding rice and its cultivation, which was compiled and curated by His Majesty King Rama IX, the beloved King among farmers and Thai people. Nearby, there are rice barns, one of the indispensable features of farmer’s residences, and a striking farmer’s warning tower, which can be climbed by those seeking an impressive panoramic view.

Adventurous travellers may kick off the journey by bike for a more environmentally friendly trip. Pedal around the Center and explore a host of fun activities that community members took part in creating and organizing. Try your hand at transplanting paddy sprouts, feeding the cattle, observing the smart, patient buffaloes, discovering 12 off-season rice species, experimenting with seedling cultivation, harvesting organic vegetables for cooking, joining a Khanom Khai Pla (Fish-Roe Shaped Toddy-Palm Sweet) cooking course and collecting fresh duck eggs to make salted eggs according to Hia Chai’s recipe.

After learning about rice and the correct methods of agricultural farming, don’t forget to drop by the grocery store to browse the array of vintage goods on sale. Grab your favourite souvenirs to support local enterprise, especially the different species of rice on offer which include Hom Mali (Jasmine) rice, Riceberry, Thap Thim Chum Phae rice, Lueang On (Light Yellow) rice and the amusingly named Luem Phua (literally, “forget your husband”) rice.

For chemical-free seasonal vegetables there are Chinese Kale, Green Okra, Acacia, Phak Wan Ban (A sweet green leaf vegetable) and numerous others. Travellers can also take a welcome rest in a refreshing airconditioned cafe with tasteful, environmentally friendly decorations that compliment the surroundings. It’s simple acts like these that can help support farmers and encourage the continuation of a traditional local lifestyle for as long as possible.

Highlight Activities

  • Learn the lifestyle of rice farmers and local farmers by transplanting paddy sprouts, seedling cultivation, harvesting chemical-free vegetables, making salted eggs to a special recipe, etc.
  • Bike around the grounds and enjoy the scenery.

Best Time to Visit

  • Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Rainy season is the best for traveling for its rich green rice fields.

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Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers-Nahai Chai Learning Center

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