Explore the Baan Na Teen community and learn about their traditional lifestyle by watching them in their vegetable gardens, painting Batik cloth, building boats, and by visiting a herb garden to learn about the benefits and uses of various herbs.


Day 1: Cultural exchange

Morning  Go to Baan Na Teen, walk around the village and see what plants they grow in their vegetable gardens.

Afternoon Help your host to prepare a meal and then have lunch together. In the afternoon, learn how to grate coconuts, extract coconut milk from the nut and make accessories from the shell. You can also learn about Batik cloth painting, as well as making Thai dishes and desserts with the villagers.

Evening Enjoy a dinner made from seafood caught by villagers. Check in at a simple but comfortable bungalow.


Day 2: Wondrous nature

Morning. Enjoy various local dishes for breakfast at the homestay, then learn how to tap rubber trees with rubber farmers. Finally, visit a herb garden, learn how to grow herbs and find out what the locals use herbs for.