Sa Tom Organic Farm

The abundant land of the Chi River basin is where this farm stay is located. Beyond the idyllic vibe, rice fields and stunning sunsets, lies a conscious mindset and the determination to step towards fully realized sustainability via methods of organic farming which are kind to all living things.

In Kui ethnic language in Surin province, “Sae Tom” refers to “the paddy field at a brook’s edge”, a perfect setting for cultivation. Sa Tom Organic Farm places the emphasis firmly on chemical-free organic farming throughout all of its production processes and serves as a learning center for the cultivation of rice, a major commercial crop of both Surin and Thailand as a whole. The farm disseminates knowledge on the native rice farming techniques for a diverse range of rice species including Surin Black Jasmine Rice, Komen Surin Red Jasmine Rice, Brown Phaka Ampuen Rice, and Tri-Jasmine Rice, as well as fermented rice to make wine. The locals are also engaged in arranging numerous activities to welcome travelers, for example, slipping into a Mo Hom (natural indigo dyed) outfit before trying their hand at the transplantation of paddy sprouts following the Kui ethnic rice farming method, growing backyard vegetables and organic fruit sand harvesting fresh produce to cook healthy menus without leaving damaging chemical residues. For local community-based learning activities, travelers can enjoy kayaking down the network of natural local streams and observing the freshwater fishing lifestyle along the Chi River with Surin Kayak Club.

A relaxing visit to the Farm Stay with a taste of the organic farming lifestyle is an opportunity for travelers to fully recharge their batteries, enjoy some simple pleasures and give something back by supporting local products and services such as food, accommodations, or souvenirs. Tourism here directly benefits the local economy and encourages organic farmers to continue striving towards their goal of sustainable utilization of natural resources.

Highlight Activities

  • Experiment with the transplantation of paddy sprouts and experience the Kui ethnic rice farmer lifestyle in person.
  • Enjoy healthy dishes made from fresh organic farm produce.
  • Embrace the blissful atmosphere at the edge of paddy fields as the morning sun breaks the horizon.
  • Kayak with Surin Kayak Club.

Best Time to Visit

  • All seasons, all activities in Satom Farm will be designed or altered according to the Season

Nearby Attractions

  • Huay Saneng Reservoir   (Map)

  • Prasat Chom Phra (Chom Phra Palace)  (Map)

    6 a.m.-6 p.m.

  • Buririn Bridge  (Map)

  • Ban Taklang Elephant Village (Farmer’s Market)   (Map)

    8 a.m.-6 p.m.

  • Ban Tha Sawang Silk Weaving Village Women’s Career Network  (Map


Satom Organic Farm 

  • 06 1165 1848


  • Satom Organic Farm : Surin

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