Surasammanakhan is The conference venue. Spacious A large conference room with 400 seats 1 Room with 60 seats 3 meeting rooms and a small conference room with 30 seats, 8 rooms and 229 stay overnight room, the atmosphere is peaceful. Space for parking lots, Equipped with facilities. And the agency is in the vicinity such as Techno polis, which is the lead agency in organizing the seminar. Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, Chula – SUT Book Center, 7- eleven convenience stores, Hospitals SUT, Post Office, and bus station in area SUT,As well as a learning center for relaxation and learning, such as Hall of celestial firmament (the symbol of the university) as a tower for a spectacular view from a height. Butterfly Garden variety Federation, Thai Studies and Asean Cultures collection, Museum Thai Ancient Technology, Exhibition Center for Plant Genetic, Conservation, Park Botanical, Regional Observatory for the public and farm of University are also nearby Nakhon Rachasrima Zoo. And Museums and petrified wood as well.


Address : Suranaree University of Technology 111 University Road Tambon Suranari Amphoe Muang Nakhonratchasima 30000
Tel : 044-224-880,044-216-199
Fax : 044-216-651
E-mail :
Website :

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