Rain Forest Resort, a nature resort located on route 12 of Phisanulok, promotes nature-friendly living and makes a continuous effort to preserve the environment. We has initiated and founded Khek River Club. Staring with our staff and expanding with students from local schools, communities, invited businesses and government sector, we has coordinated various environment activities such as picking up debris from local attraction like the surrounding waterfalls and combining rafting with service that helps the community to clean up the river. We take care of the Foodsafety of the consumer and the environment. In addition to emphasizing the important of caring and sharing, we have also studied and followed the sustainable farming practices with the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.
In 2010, Rain Forest has initiated an ecological farming project that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people, while also acting as a community learning center. Since the we have developed our own healthy and environmentally friendly product. We have been certified with Organic Thailand and PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) Songkwae Organic and became recognized from both public and private sectors in Thailand and abroad.
We beleives that food safety, non-chemical product, and clean environment would improve the quality of life as well as restore the balance of nature so that all livings can continue to live together in harmony.


Address : 42 Mu 9 Mittaphap Road, Tambon Kangsopa, Amphoe Wangthong, Phitsanulok 65220
Tel : 055-293-085, 081-395-9575
Fax : 055-293-086
E-mail : rainforestthailand@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.rainforestthailand.com

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