Province, the famous area of Ingigo production in Northeast, Thailand is the traditional textile knowledge innovation. Silk, the Queen of Textiles, is used in all traditional cultures in Thailand the long time ago and the technological vintage of the dyeing by using dyes extracted from natural by the process developed from the traditional knowledge of local people. Indigo dye from Sakon Nakhon province has been listed as a geographical indication (GI). There are not only to create environmentally friendly fabrics but Sakon Nakhon silk is used to design by combination with carft creation that using modified work and craft skills together. The traditional knowledge base is still in place to meet to day’s needs that are environmentally friendly. Preserve the wisdom of the ancestors also promote creativity and innovation suitable for the modern lifestyle.

Address 21 Moo 5, Ban Nong Khae, Tambon Tong Khob, Amphur Khok Si Suphan, Sakon Nakhon 47280

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