Greenery Market

An unbeatable destination for food shopping and a source of safe raw ingredients for city dwellers.

Operating under the green and environmentally-friendly market concept, Greenery Market is a distribution space for various eco-friendly products where real farmers offer their hand-grown and toxin-free rice, fresh vegetables and organic fruits. There is also fresh and formalin-free seafood caught by local fishermen, naturally dyed hand-woven fabrics by community businesses and many other eco-friendly products lining the bustling market. The beauty of this market is that it creates a direct channel for the producers to generate extra income and gives health-conscious shoppers access to the products they really need.

Upon their visit, shoppers are invited to join the Greenery Eco Challenge by simply bringing their own food containers, water bottles and cloth bags, which not only protect the environment, but also entitle the eco-conscious shopper to extra discounts from many vendors. However, for those on a spur of the moment trip, second-hand cloth bags of good quality are available for sale at GiveMeBags zone, and what’s more, all profits are donated to the Sustainable Agricultural Foundation. Moreover, visitors can donate their used cloth bags to feel the joy of sharing and inspire others to change their behaviour through simple, environmentally conscious actions such as these.

Highlight Activities

  • Be part of a sustainable consumption cycle by selecting, buying and eating good food made from quality raw ingredients.
  • Help the earth and yourself by shopping with cloth bags and providing personal food containers prepared from home.
  • With multiple quality cloth bags in hand, feel free to donate to those in need to create a livable society and play a vital part in protecting the environment.

Best Time to Visit

  • Greenery Market is held once a month, for more information please visit

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Greenery Market


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